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  • Paul Frocchi - It's McNally...what else needs to be said

    Joe is always fun and informative. I've sent so much time on his website, books, and DVDs that I FEEL we're friends. And when I went to the BusTour this year...I felt shunned when he didn't come up to me to say hello. LOL

  • Nunya Biz - Space heater for the space age.

    Arrives very well packaged and not as heavy as you might expect. Build quality is exceptional. It's ready to go right out of the box if you like. Setting the wireless connection up is a breeze with the included instructions. The included remote is light, small and easy to operate. Nice and simple kind of like a apple remote. The Dyson app shows an amazing amount of information and you have access to that information from pretty much anywhere. I really like that it heats, cools and purifies all in one nice clean unit. Overall highly recommended.

  • Kayla - Increased energy, no results on the scale.

    I wanted to give this product a little more time to work before I wrote a review but am still not seeing that much of a difference. I had high hopes for this product, as I have had with many weight loss products I have tried in the past. I have no doubts that my birth control interferes with weight loss so I imagine that is a factor on why this product wasn't producing results on the scale. This is why I gave the product 3 stars. I have had increased energy while using this product and I haven't experienced any bad side effects. The pill seemed average to me and didn't have much of a bad after taste. I will continue taking this product. I will update this review when I have finished the bottle completely if I do have any other results.

  • RichDR43 - So far so good!

    My daughter and I just bought this product today. I payed 50 dollars for it at the mall kiosk. The saleswoman was slightly aggressive, but not overly so.It was a pleasant experience and I may try the eye cream after I see how the product I bought from Lancome works.I have several of the other products available from Dead Sea Cosmetics, and they work amazingly well for me. So far this product seems to work for us. My skin feels so much softer and looks so much cleaner. I have sensitive skin so I will write another review after we have used it for a while to see if there are any negative things about this product. So far so good!

  • Aubrie Bruinsma - Good quality mirror

    This is the second back seat mirror we've purchased and this definitely seems like an upgrade/better version of our first mirror. The size is perfect for our car (Chevy Traverse) and the swivel function works well. Our last mirror broke when we were trying to adjust it, but this product seems better made. No complaints!

  • LMOND00 - WTF!!!!!!

    I am crazy stupified that there are negative reviews on this product. First I must say that I bought my Sweet Sweat from GNC. Ok, that being said. This stuff really works. The negative reviews say that the product itself melts to the point that it looks like sweat so you think you are seating as a result of application. I KNOW it works because i applied left over product to my shins and went to a spin class and had rivilets of sweat coming down to my feet. Wouldnt the melted product creep slowly down your frame if it was melted instead of fast drops of water? I am stupified by the negative results. Look I have a gristle of fat where if your can imagine a cooked whole chicken and the area between the drum stick and the rest of the chicken that you rip off to enjoy. I had a huge lump of fat in that area. Why one side and not the other will remain a mystery. But I would apply Sweet Sweat and a sauna belt to cover above my "female region" right where the gristle is on my hip. Let me tell you that area has shrunken a significant amount since. Hey I am just one person but I know the differnce between melted product and waterworks sweat!!! This producct is the bomb! I am from NYC not being paid by the company. If I am benefiting then why not help someone to achieve their goals?!

  • Amazon Customer - Not worth it

    A stupid movie. No wonder the distributors haven't released it on DVD/BluRay since they are trying to milk all the $$ out of those who have to purchase the digital version. I got this because my sister **insisted** to see **this film** on her birthday. Of course it was not available for rental at the time either on Amazon, Redbox and the DVD was just being "pre-ordered". So my only option was to purchase the streamed digital version here. Also no local theaters were not showing this movie since I think it was released in June-July time frame. After 20 minutes she lost interest and so did everyone else in our family. Found a free movie on Amazon Prime with a similar name that had a much better plot/action. But this movie is a real disappointment. Now that I "own" the digital version I guess I can re-show this turkey when I have company that I want to get rid of for a movie evening.

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