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  • TammieB - While I did find this book very helpful overall, ...

    While I did find this book very helpful overall, I was stunned by the number of errors in it. A guidebook that is designed to help you pass an important entrance exam should be error-free - let alone should not have multiple and sometimes grievous errors! In addition to many, many grammatical errors, the section of the reproductive system included a paragraph describing how a zygote implants itself into the endometrium of the vulva!!! I've never known a zygote to grow there...

  • Terri Gardner - Wish I'd found this years ago!

    My dermatologist recommended this 2-3x/week for adult acne, and it's great! I can see my skin getting stronger and healing faster after just a few uses!

  • 50sMom - Indigestion

    Unfortunately this is giving me severe indigestion so I'm not able to take it long enough to see if it slows hair loss or regrows hair. I started on one capsule a day (I take other supplements but did not make any changes in those). After a week, I started taking two a day and after a week, began having indigestion and antacids don't help, I just have to wait for it to leave my system. Went back to one capsule a day, was fine for a couple days then started having indigestion on that dose. Quit taking it and indigestion quit completely. I thought maybe it was interacting with my other supplements so I left them off for a couple days to take this and still had indigestion. I am SO disappointed that this isn't working for me.

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