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321GOMD | MD for the CrossFit Athlete - Arthritis is the loss of cushion on a joint surface-period. The cushion called articular cartilage is an amazing multi faceted structure that allows us to walk,

  • http://321gomd.com/sean-e-rockett-md/ Meet Dr. Sean E. Rockett | 321GOMD - Dr. Sean Rockett is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine and is a triathlete, a CrossFit Games competitor and CrossFit Level One Certified….
  • http://321gomd.com/the-acl-its-crucial/ The ACL- It’s crucial | 321GOMD - The ACL is the most important ligament in the knee. Why is it so important? Why do surgeons recommend fixing? Is it necessary to get it fixed if I CrossFit®?
  • http://321gomd.com/shoulder-bursitis-and-impingement/ Shoulder Bursitis and Impingement | 321GOMD - So with all this how do we prevent it from happening? First and foremost don’t get born with a Type 3 acromion. If you can’t control that, here are some tips...
  • http://321gomd.com/pectoralis-major-tears-rupture/ Pectoralis Major Tears/Rupture | 321GOMD - Studies have shown 88% of surgically treated patients with Pectoralis Major Tears/Ruptures experienced excellent results versus 27% of those ...
  • http://321gomd.com/multidirectional-shoulder-instability/ Multidirectional Shoulder Instability | 321GOMD - What if someone is loose or unstable in different directions? What are the symptoms and how does this happen? If someone has loose ligaments they may have ...
  • http://321gomd.com/all-out-effort/ All out effort | 321GOMD - Just saw this picture from the Games. Reminded me of the all out effort that was seen by tremendous athletes like Alessandra.

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  • anniekittenclaws - A Good Product

    This product was purchased to help someone who is going though chemo. He needed something sweet but not overly sweet to help get him though those bad days after his treatments. I have found this product to meet that very special need. Everyone in our family enjoyed this candy and if you are looking for something to end that sweet craving without eating a bag of sugar I highly recommend this product.

  • Craig Coffee - Great & easy softward

    Great and easy software to use. It never is very slow scanning and their are no complicated notifications when it processes.

  • Alondra Barragan - The most comfortable and cute non slip shoes of dear life !!!!!

    I am obsessed with these shoes !! Even my boss complimented me on them .. They are the most comfortable shoes ever . I work as a server and they are completely non slip ..way better then the ones they sell at Payless . Totally buying a different colored pair with my next pay check .

  • Elaine S. - DO NOT get sucked into the LifeCell revolving door of South Beach Skin ...

    Folks, DO NOT get sucked into the LifeCell revolving door of South Beach Skin Care, Inc. I was ready to pull the handle for this "revolutionary" product and enter my credit card info. I decided to do a little sleuthing around on the internet first. I found a website that had so many complaints about this company's billing practices that I was stunned. I decided to look further and checked with the BBB for good measure. It turns out that they have had 228 complaints against them in three years. Most of these complaints are not about the product being bad, it'a about their billiing practices. They offer a 30 day "free trial". They offer to send you a tube of LifeCell cream and if you don't like it, you pay nothing IF... you return the remainder of the product you didn't use within 30 days. What they actually do, is ship you the "trial" tube of product and ding your debit/credit card immediately, and make you jump through hoops in order to get a refund for your $189. The BBB has contacted South Beach Skin Care, Inc. and tried to get them to make changes in their business and billing practices, to no avail. The BBB has given them an "F" rating. To my mind, if a company has a superior product, they would be assured that the customers who try the "30 day trial" would be so enamored with their products that they wouldn't need to use shady business practices in order to make money. There are a number of highly rated skin care products out there, and my guess is that they cost less than $189 a tube. Unless you crave being scammed, find another one of those beauty products, people.

  • LMSL - What a great, inexpensive way to brew coffee or loose tea

    What a great, inexpensive way to brew coffee or loose tea! Place it into your mug, add about a tablespoon of coffee, or a teaspoon of loose tea. Add boiling water, let steep to your desired strength, and enjoy. It's that simple!

  • Chris Moyer - Depends on what you are looking for

    I suppose when I made this purchase I did so because I assumed there would be more interaction with Jillian Michaels. Pretty much all you here is don't waste my time. The sound needs work.

  • April T Ademiluyi - GREAT!

    It's a woman's magazine! I love the fashion, articles, and the issues promoted by the magazine. The kindle version is best to save the trees and space!

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