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  • Richard Samford - good stuff

    Nice pick me up, very intense but nice. helped me get off loss plateau I was on and reached my goal. I would not recommend using for any prolonged length of time as it is easy to get accustomed to the increased energy. Thermogenic properties work very well.

  • Mildred Serrano - A must have

    Great ítem . As the line Of just dance games, new tracks rock! Aldo the bonus download is a must have, dont loose the oportunity to have it. Adequate for all Ages. Great cardio oportunity for me.

  • bigshopper - Clear acne without the overdrying caused by most products.

    I purchased this for my daughter after reading the great reviews. I figured she could give it a try although I didn't expect much. Well..the results have been great, and there has been a continued decrease in acne WITHOUT the over dried, peeling skin. She has tried every major brand, store brand, as well as prescription meds without any real reduction, but had so many side effects. Her forehead was the worst, with severe cystic acne and her t-zone was moderate. She was still in school and started with her forehead as it is covered with bangs, in case of bad results. Within 3 weeks most of forehead was clear, although she still has lots of red spots from past acne, those spots are slower to heal. She has since started on the rest of her face, she did break out a bit more before the clearing began. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with acne. This time I purchase my product from an amazon vendor, with prime I had it in 2 days and it didn't cost more than it would have from the original distributor.

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