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  • Sandra S. Coleman - All time favorite for short hair

    I got this from a salon initially, but paid a great deal more. I try to get these two at a time as they are perfect for short hair. It is not too heavy, but gives me enough volume for the entire day. The shipping was quick, and transaction was very easy. Great seller, and no worries here.

  • Terri Maria - No Good

    This is described as having night shot and HD...the directions say if the shot is too dark, turn more lights on...video was dark and grainy in a well lit room, and the audio was almost non existent...sounded like people were talking from the next room. Not recommended for youtube videos...maybe a toy for your kids to play with.

  • M. D. Minuth - Gimmicky device, not worth the cost. Need to take phone out of protective vault/case to charge

    Had to take the phone out of my Otterbox to charge. There was an answer that said it would charge, but it didn't. Had to unplug the USB from my computer and put it into a wall charger. Got the lights to light up but still sits at 82%. Device lights are off but the charging icon is showing. It's a gimmick like Sea Monkeys

  • S. Berry - Good gift for new parents

    Got this for my sister when she had her first baby. I needed a gift and she mentioned this little number so I got it. She likes it and it makes strolling easy.

  • E. Rieper - Unusably slow on older Mac Pro.

    On a network that other devices regularly get 50mbit download results on speedtest.net, this adapter in an older Mac Pro can barely hit 1mbit. Totally useless.

  • susanm - Too HIGH!!!

    I purchased this from nordstrom for my Cruz stroller when my daughter was less than 1 years old and the snack tray is seriously literally WAY TOO HIGH...it looks ridiculous! I initially thought we assembled it wrong. We assembled it after we purchased it and even the sales lady said it looks like it's assembled wrong, but it was actually assembled correctly!...My daughter looked like she was drowning in her stroller with this snack tray. I want to say it was literally to the height of her shoulders....She had to reach high above to get her snacks....Very disappointed! Aside from that it is a great snack tray though....

  • Brenda - Detailed Guide to QuickBooks 2013

    If you are new to QuickBooks this is the book for you! Very detailed step by step instruction from how to set up your company, set up accounts and enter transactions. I like the table of contents it allows you to easily find the kind of help you are looking for! I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the book 736 pages, but if you use it as a reference tool it is just right. Happy Accounting!

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