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  • Toast - Absolutely fantastic product.

    Absolutely fantastic product. As of now I use this 900W UPS to protect my editing PC and primary monitor and, even under heavier loads, can achieve 30+ minutes of runtime on battery before the unit will shut down my PC via the included USB connection. This means I *shouldn't* have to worry about power outages during most video export scenarios. The free PowerPanel software allows users to disable the annoying alarms, and allows shutdown/power-on scheduling as well. This is very important for me, as I am frequently on the go and need to remotely access my computer, but don't want to leave it running 24/7 while I'm on the road: with a little configuration both on the computer and on the UPS, I can have this shut my computer down at night, turn it on in the morning, and thus save electricity. The only downside to this unit is that it is simulated sine, and not pure sine, which means I am not able to use it to also protect my studio speakers (simulated sine can damage sensitive audio equipment).

  • Jessica N. - Fantastic!

    I'm not entirely sure why my husband loves this stuff so much, I just know that he got out of the shower (at a B Resort next to Disney World) and was like "Buy this please, my hair feels amazing." I went on Amazon and bought the conditioner and shampoo and three months later he still loves the stuff. In 11 years, it's the first time he's cared about shampoo or conditioner :) It does smell nice and a bit like tea tree. His hair is soft and he has no dandruff.

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