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Home - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn—Women’s healthcare physicians for Northern Virginia, providing comprehensive obstetrics, labor and delivery, gynecology, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, weight management, and skin care services in Lorton, Stafford, and Woodbridge, Virginia.

  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/appointment-request Request an Appointment - About Women Ob-Gyn - Please fill out this form to schedule your next healthcare appointment at About Women Ob-Gyn
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer Services We Offer - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn offers a vast array of services to fit all of your feminine healthcare needs. Explore each area to learn more
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/abnormal-pap-follow-up Abnormal Pap Follow-up - About Women Ob-Gyn - If a pap exam needs further testing, a follow-up colposcopy will be scheduled to check into your cervical health further.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/annual-exams Annual Exams - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn wants to be sure that you are getting the care you need by doing thorough annual exams and making sure that there are no issues arising that needs medical help.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/breast-examination Breast Examination - About Women Ob-Gyn - Breast exams are a key measure in detecting breast cancer in the early stages, and About Women shows you how to do those as well as offers more intensive measures if necessary.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/cervical-cancer-screening Cervical Cancer Screening - About Women Ob-Gyn - What is a Pap Exam and do you need one? About Women Ob-Gyn has all the answers to these questions and many more.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/contraception Contraception - About Women Ob-Gyn - If you feel it's not the right time to have a baby, About Women has a vast array of contraceptives and pregnancy prevention tips and tools to help maintain the balance you desire.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/endometrial-biopsy Endometrial Biopsy - About Women Ob-Gyn - Learn what an endometrial biopsy is, how it can benefit you, and how About Women Ob-Gyn uses it to promote your health and well being
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/essure Essure® - About Women Ob-Gyn - Essure – a 10-minute, permanent birth control procedure at About Women Ob-Gyn, serving women in Lorton, Stafford and Woodbridge, Virginia.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/hormone-replacement Hormone Replacement - About Women Ob-Gyn - Discover the risks and benefits of having hormone replacement therapy and how it will benefit you in your daily life
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/hysterectomy Hysterectomy - About Women Ob-Gyn - Explore the types of hysterectomies, what causes them, and how About Women Ob-Gyn expertly takes care of them and you.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/infertility-evaluations Infertility Evaluations - About Women Ob-Gyn - The staff at About Women knows how heartbreaking it can be to not be able to get pregnant when you want to. They have excellent resources to be able to evaluate your infertility and find solutions
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/minimally-invasive-surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery - About Women Ob-Gyn - Minimally invasive gynecological surgeries—including da Vinci Robotic Procedures—performed by the physician team of About Women Ob-Gyn, serving women in Lorton, Stafford and Woodbridge, Virginia.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/novasure NovaSure® - About Women Ob-Gyn - NovaSure at About Women Ob-Gyn—fast, effective relief from heavy menstrual bleeding, serving women in Lorton, Stafford and Woodbridge, Virginia.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/osteoporosis Osteoporosis - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn explains what osteoporosis is and how it should be treated to restore you to health as soon as possible.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/pms-relief PMS Relief - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn knows PMS symptoms and how to get relief from the plaguing issues it presents.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/sexually-transmitted-diseases Sexually Transmitted Diseases - About Women Ob-Gyn - What you need to know about STDs. how to prevent them, and and what to do if you get one. About Women Ob-Gyn knows how to help.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/teen-adolescent-gynecology Teen & Adolescent Gynecology - About Women Ob-Gyn - Teen and adolescent gynecology is very important to the staff at About Women. They are dedicated to helping young women understand the changes that are happening and what to do and not do.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/urinary-incontinence Urinary Incontinence - About Women Ob-Gyn - If you're having urinary incontinence issues, About Women Ob-Gyn is the perfect place to get help. They explore various options to help get your bladder back to a healthy state
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/gynecology/uterine-fibroids Uterine Fibroids - About Women Ob-Gyn - Read what uterine fibroids are and how About Women treats them and helps you recover and return to your healthy self
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/routine-prenatal-care Routine Prenatal Care - About Women Ob-Gyn - Prenatal care is very important to both you and baby throughout your entire pregnancy. About Women offers excellent care to help you have the best pregnancy possible
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/labor-and-delivery Labor and Delivery - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women wants to make your labor and delivery as comfortable and safe as possible and handle all your healthcare needs as best as they can
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/ultrasound Ultrasound - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn offers 3D and 4D ultrasounds to get an amazingly clear photo of your baby, not just for medical reasons but to show you the budding little babe inside of you.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/signs-of-labor Signs of Labor - About Women Ob-Gyn - Not sure if you're getting Braxton Hicks or if this is the real deal? About Women Ob-Gyn has a list of what to look for to check if you're going into labor or not.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/genetic-testing Genetic Testing - About Women Ob-Gyn - About Women Ob-Gyn leaves nothing out when it comes to prenatal care. Here are some of the genetic testing procedures that we provide.
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/ob/safe-medications-during-pregnancy Safe Medications During Pregnancy - About Women Ob-Gyn - Wondering what medications are safe and not safe to take during pregnancy? About Women Ob-Gyn put together a list to take out the guesswork
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/laser-skin-care Laser & Skin Care - About Women Ob-Gyn - Aging is no reason for your skin not to look as youthful as you feel. With About Women's laser and skin care services, you can have that fresh glow restored in no time
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/services-we-offer/weight-management Weight Management - About Women Ob-Gyn - With the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program and About Women Ob-Gyn, you can get the body you want to keep you fit and healthy
  • https://aboutwomenobgyn.com/meet-our-providers Meet Our Providers - About Women Ob-Gyn - Familiarize yourself with the wonderful doctors at About Women Ob-Gyn and what services they will offer you

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  • D. Dooley - Amazing Moisturizer

    I've had severe dry skin on my face for about 10 years. Flaky skin that just keeps drying out and falling off, across my eyebrows, sides of nose, and around the mouth. I've seen doctors, gotten prescriptions, bought recommended over the counter lotions, all with no luck. Nothing I could find would work more than an hour or two before the dry skin returned. It's gotten so bad over the last 3-4 years that after I put on a moisturizing lotion and going out I would get strange looks at stores after just an hour or so, when my skin would dry out and begin to flake. I've tried every product imaginable, lotions, scrubs, special moisturizers, prescription lotions, goat's milk soap, cutting open Vitamin E capsules and rubbing on the face, using olive oil, etc.

  • D. Holyfield - Perfect for air travel

    I just used this along with the Eagle Creek Pack-It 20 folder and two pack it cubes for a two week vacation. The folder and two cubes fit perfectly, however they don't leave much room to spare and the side pockets were too crammed to use (laptop and front pockets still worked fine). The construction is solid and the backpack straps are great, I preferred them heavily over the shoulder strap.

  • Russ - Toyota Tundra Keyless Entry

    The key fob worked very well once I had it programmed. This key fob apparently must be programmed by a lock smith, or a dealer. YOU CANNOT DO IT YOURSELF. In the area that I live, there was not a Lock Smith apparently that could program it, so I had to take it to Toyota. Cost me $42.00 for the programming, and they threw in a car wash..... Still a lot cheaper than the 135.00 the dealer wanted for the fob.

  • NancyJeanne - I think it's my favorite

    I love romantic suspense, but I also love history. Darkest Journey was great for both! I've really enjoyed the Krewe of Hunters, as well, and with a Civil War history backdrop this book had it all. We think we know all about the Civil War, and though the Journey's story is fictional, it tells not only an exciting story of suspense and romance, but gives a background of human perspective to what was an incredibly costly war for American hearts and lives. Brother against brother. I am grateful that Heather Graham didn't make the murders the result of race, but of good old human frailties. Great book!

  • lbsouth - Difficult to learn, but amazing once figured out.

    This is the hardest to learn hair styling product I have ever tried. I looked at, at least 5 you tube videos, and was getting no where. They offer a free online personal consultant and I was about to sign up for that when I decided to try one more time and found a tutorial that worked for me. Is the link. It gives very loose lovely beach curls/waves. My hair is layered and just past shoulders (at shoulders when curled), so I was thinking that was why it would not work. It is pricey but there is nothing that will give you a similar look. It really is easy and quick, once you figure out how in the heck to do it. I do clip up my top layers, do the bottom then, drop clip and do the top. Takes about 10 minutes, plus or minus a few minutes depending on how curly or loose I want it.

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