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  • David L. Fellows - Great desktop replacement for light users.

    We replaced my parent's old Dell desktop with this Stick computer, plugged into a new monitor with HDMI port. Worked perfectly, and has for months. Great purchase, takes up much less space, is silent most of the time (no disk and little fan noise).

  • Jane Johnston - From what I can tell it does the job.

    I've used this product in the past and it does what is intended and I like the product. I will buy again.

  • Richard Lane - They reall know how to 'slip it to you'

    Just another slick infomercial with a non-medical, non FDA approved canned drink that will do nothing but drain your bladder - and your wallet. My elderly father-in-law fell for this one and when he complained that it did not work, we tried to get his money back. Guess what ? Only full cans accepted -at shipper expense- within the trial period ! Clearly designed to dissuade returns.

  • MikeReedKS - A great workout!

    My wife loves this! She recommends it for anyone who just wants to get up and dance. Great collection of songs and the store lets you choose more to add to your collection. Why work out with a boring routine when you can shake your bootie, work up a sweat and have a lot of fun!

  • Venus Alyea - YES! YES! YES...

    I was 'skeptical' at first, but I've been on weight watchers for the past several months and I work out on a daily basis, however, I'm really not a big sweater and I have some extra 'belly' area I would like to eventually be rid of. I've been using this on a daily basis right before each workout. It really makes me sweat in the area I apply it, and after only a month, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the circumference of my belly area. I've lost right around an actual inch in that area since I started using it. Prior to that, I've only lost about an inch in that area in the entire last year. So to say I'm pleased is correct!

  • Jeannie Cole - Common Sense

    I ordered the books took a quick look and I'm returning them. If you eliminate the sugar in your diet with the exception of fruit and eat balanced low glycemic meals and some good fat you will lose plenty of weight. You may not lose 6 -9 pounds a week but you will lost 2 - 4 a week which is very healthy. I also don't like that he recommends many foods that contain sugar alcohols as they are known to cause bad GI tract problems in lots of people. He also has lots of meals that contain eggs, nuts, soy, almond milk etc and some of us are allergic to these things.

  • Peter Gilligan - Great product. I have used this 10 times.

    The pills and powder are a little tough to get down, but by the third day you are used to the taste. This cleanse works great. Be prepared for day 2 and 3! Those days are when the cleanse really kicks in!

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