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  • Kristen Welch - Good selection of music and more family friendly than other ...

    Good selection of music and more family friendly than other dance games. It's fun with up to 4 people can dancing, so better for kids. Dance moves are harder to follow-less instructions

  • AslieA - Amazing.

    Within an hour I'm too sleepy to fight it. My favorite aspect is the morning after. As long as I get enough hours of sleep I rarely feel the groggy 'hangover-esque' feeling I get from other sleep aids.


    The treadmill arrived well-packaged and therefore in excellent condition. It took some assembling ability, but thankfully my husband is very handy. He put it together, following the instructions carefully, in 2-3 hours. He needed no second person. So one capable person can manage it alone. I was surprised at how much different it was from my last Proform I bought 10 years ago at Sears. The machine is a vast improvement! It's larger - like a treadmill you would see at a gym. It's construction is very sturdy and solid. It has more exercise/track options. And it has built-in speakers, along with a MP3 or phone jack, so you can listen to music with or without headphones. Easy music access make the workout much more desirable and the time flies by. But the best part is the price! This is a LOT OF MACHINE for the price tag. It's half the price of lesser machines I've seen in stores. I strongly recommend the Proform 505 CST Treadmill.

  • W. Robinson - Great system

    This is a fabulous system. I've used Microsoft's Streets and Trips for years including trips from Vancouver, BC to St. John's Nfld. and Boston, Ma and back. Then I just finished a trip to the Florida Keys using DeLorme. No comparison.

  • Pinfold - These Knee Sleeves Compression & Support Wraps are very nice. They are thick and give good support

    These Knee Sleeves Compression & Support Wraps are very nice. They are thick and give good support. The knee sleeves were very snug and stayed in place without rolling. It was a little difficult getting them over my calf (I have a big calf) and in turn was difficult to take them off. I do recommend these as they are great support and so far stay in place. I recieved these free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Bob F - Forced into 2014 from 2011 because "Update Now" functionality canceled

    .... and now having spent 4 hours on Sunday with Intuit "chat" while they try to make the 2014 version "Update Now" work. Still doesn't work with any of the 3 financial institutions that worked just fine prior to Apr 30.

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