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  • Alicja - It is a good quick review book

    It is a good quick review book. I would not use this book as my primary study guide for PCCN, but I would definitely recommend it for a quick review. You can never read too much and solve too many questions in preparation for a test. This book is paperback and well made. I will use it for aiding my study but it will not be my primary resource.

  • Philip Dawson - A Very Nice Addition

    I love my new (used) Scion XD but one of my arms felt left out. The left one could sit on the door thing-a-majingy but my right one, well it did not have a thing-a-majingy.

  • Penny Roberts - Sturdy and Solid

    For the price, the rackets were sturdy and solid. We used them for a couple of hours playing Badminton and they worked great.

  • awahtook - We tried other traps but the squirrels were too quick or too smart and managed to eat the "bait" and not get ...

    This item REALLY works. We live on a canyon and have tried several methods to get rid of a group of about 7 squirrels who had taken up residence in our large backyard which borders the canyon. They eat our plants and dig tunnels. We tried other traps but the squirrels were too quick or too smart and managed to eat the "bait" and not get caught. We put the Squirrelinator out with sunflower seeds as bait and within 24 hours had captured all 7 squirrels. Several weeks later we noticed a couple more squirrels invading our yard. We put the Squirrelinator out and again within a a day or two we had captured both. I know living on a canyon we will continue to have a squirrel problem but at least now I know we can get them before they do any serious damage.

  • Blind Zebra - Unable to E-File with Identity Protection PIN

    The H&R Block Software has a bug/limitation so that you are unable to e-file if you were given an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS.

  • A. Adoni - Works great

    This product really works well and it is easy to use. the shine on the brass products i used is really great. Would use this again.

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