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  • Kirstin Hallett - Baby can pop the tray out easily, don't buy!

    My 1 year old can EASILY pop the clear part of the tray out of the frame. This is completely useless to me -- I tried using it today with some puff snacks and as soon as he finished eating them, he popped the tray out and threw it on the ground in the grocery store. Just a matter of time before it breaks, made out of brittle plastic. So disappointed for the high price I paid!

  • Curt - Outlook 2010 - mostly good

    Migrating my Outlook 2003 calendar and contacts was easy. Getting 2010 to sync with the iPhone was not. It took three calls to Apple and another three to Microsoft to get things working properly. (Business phone -- had 2500 contacts and 18 months of appointments.)

  • Kevin Rosenthall - Intelligence gone wild

    It's like adding an upgrade to your car. Genius little device with great support community behind it (esp on

  • M. Bridges - I was expecting better quality.

    This stroller is for the most part plastic. I have had it for 2 months now, and no problems so far.... I don't think it will last until my son is out of strollers. I have a Maclaren Triumph, but wanted something that reclined fully. I went with this over a XLR, because I liked the tray, and the parent cup holder (worthless). I wish I would have went with the XLR. This stroller takes up a ton of trunk space, and dosen't push nearly as easy as my Maclaren. I unfortunately can't justify another stroller so soon after buying this one.

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