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  • Jason - The absolute best flea treatment!!!

    This is the BEST flea treatment I've used so far. I've had 2 large cats in the house and 2 large dogs that spend evenings in the house for the past 3 years. The first year I used Advantix II treatments, and we would some see fleas all summer and by August we'd be infested, and had to start giving the animals flea baths every 2 weeks, applying the topical treatments every 3 weeks, and flea bombing the house monthly but the fleas stayed until it got cold outside in November and the humidity in the house got low enough to shock us (low humidity is probably the best flea killer, it dries them and their eggs out). The next year I used Sentry topical treatments with the exact same results. This year I started out in January with Frontline's top tier treatment, but by March we were seeing lot of fleas in the house, much more than with the other 2 brands. That's when I decided to try the Seresto collars for all the pets. Within a week all the fleas were gone. It's mid July now, I'll try to report back towards fall and see if they are still working but for now I'm VERY happy!! I don't like having collars on my pets, but it's a small price to pay for a flea free house!!!

  • Barbara Alonzo - Rick Steve's Rome 2012

    We love the book. It's perfect for our up coming trip to Rome! We even booked our hotels from the web-sites provided in the book. He clearly covers everything needed for your travel plans. We will be booking our tours from the web-sites. We plan to take this book plus Rick Steves' Florence & Tuscany 2012 with us!! We highly recomend this book!

  • Madhatt - Nerds do bad ass right!

    I’ve read the IOps books several times and I have to admit I’m loving the extended editions. If Lukian is the strength and Wilson is the comic relief, then Green is the heart. For all his serious quiet demeanor Green can kick ass with the rest of them, Melanie is the perfect mate for Green. Like Green Melanie is far more than she seems with an intellect to rival Green and some interesting hidden talents the bad guys REALLY wish she didn’t have.  Like the originals (and pretty much all of Mandy’s books) be prepared for the whole gambit of emotions, heart pumping action, hot hunky heroes, damsels more than capable of handling their distress, and plenty of steam between those heroes and heroines!

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