AdventureFit Travel - Adventure through exciting locations and learn from world class fitness coaches such as Dmitry Klokov, Kenny Leverich & Mike Burgener. AdventureFit Travel specialises in putting together an unforgettable experience for you!

  • Health and Fitness Travel - The team at Adventurefit travel is ready to get you out on a health and fitness travel tour where you can experience your life in more depth.
  • Why us - AdventureFit Travel has an extensive travel history and careers in the fitness industry. The team at AdventureFit Travel are ready to get you out there to experience life. What good is all this fitness and health we are forever striving for if we don’t go out and put it into action! Fitness and travel are our passion.
  • Will Sartori - Aliases: Wilbur. Crazy Karl Hobbies: Travel, Train, Golf, Adventure.Countries visited: 19.Favourite Countries: Spain, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic.Languages: English.Favorite Travel Experience: Sailing through Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia with a bunch of legends. Party, sun and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.Worst Travel Experience: Whilst island hopping in Greece, i unwittingly booked a ferry that resembled a pre-war fishing vessel. What should normally have been a 2 1/2 hour ride turned into something like 10. As parts of the boat literally fell apart under our feet, you barely had time to be frightened, as you were literally rocked to unfathomable sickness. The night before probably didn’t help either.
  • Travel - 7 days of adventure, fitness & beautiful island life in one of the best beach destinations in the world, Boracay Island, Philippines. Explore, relax underneath the tropical sun & learn the best weightlifting techniques from a seminar with world champion Dmitry Klokov. This is your perfect adventure getaway!
  • Mexico - The Yucatan - 7 days of diving, training, paddle boarding, yoga and more while visiting famous ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum! Not to mention an Outlaw Barbell workshop with American champion weightlifter Jared Fleming.
  • Indonesia - Bali & The Gili Islands - Take in 7 days of beautiful scenery through two of Indonesia's most spectacular destinations, Bali and the Gili Islands. Hit the surf, amaze at the temples and take in some white water rafting in Bali. Snorkel with sea turtles, kayak the island and relax on the beach in the Gilis. Not to mention a full day gymnastics seminar with Coach Carl Paoli. This is your perfect adventure getaway.
  • PNG - Kokoda Track - 9 days on the historic Kokoda Track. Make your way through the pathways of the brave heroes who held the front in the New Guinea campaign of WW2. This adventure is for real!
  • Custom Trips, CrossFit Tours - We arrange adventure trips & CrossFit tours for the tourists during their free days so that they can enjoy their free time by keeping themselves healthy and strong.

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  • desiree - Cole since "The Warm Up" in 2009 and have loved every album released since

    I've been a fan of J. Cole since "The Warm Up" in 2009 and have loved every album released since! This album does not disappoint. The lyrics are inspirational, punchlines HILARIOUS genius and so personal. I love Forest Hills Drive.

  • Paul Winum - Highly recommended!

    This is an important work for both men and women in the workplace to read and take in. Kudos to Joann and the executive women who contributed their stories who remind us to think about the ways we interact with the people we work with and to examine the messages we send both verbally and non-verbally. Recommended highly!

  • Basfrommobay - Unable to Install In Florida

    I bought two product keys and they cannot be installed. Everything on the keys were written in Spanish then partway through the install I got a message that software is not approved for my region. My region is Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

  • myronman - like the size, but rough around the edges

    i like the knife's size. it was definately the dullest knife i've ever bought. i have a old guardian knife i bought years ago, and that sucker takes an edge and holds it. this knife doesnt take an edge the way i would have expected. i've been working on getting a good edge on it. it's not an easy knife to get sharp. i do like the size, the handle, and the blade design. i'd prefer that it wasnt serated at the back, but that's just my preference. the sheath is kinda bleh.

  • JPSizzle - Great addition to your program

    Results were felt first, seen shortly thereafter in the first week. If you use it and take care of it as directed, it works surprisingly well and is a terrific supplement to your normal workout. That's how I've used it over the first 5 weeks or so. Results also felt in doing other exercises and even on the golf course.

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