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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • uma88 - Good product.

    Tough to use on my cat. Perhaps easier on other animals...but poor little kitty did NOT want fresh breath or clean teeth! Seems like a good product though, and easy to use on animals that aren't so resistant. Guess this kitty will just have to face a vet teeth cleaning...and I get to pay the bill. Yippee.

  • Alan M. Winchester - Fantastic beginning and middle, then sort of abruptly stopped. But worth the read and can't wait for the next book!

    This book was a lot of fun to read and had elements Clark and Sagan (Rama and Contact) and even some elements of the movie Abyss in terms of how people react to new and potentially threatening situation. These are all great stories and Ms. Wells has added another to the genre. The character development starts great, but then kind of falls off towards the end. The heroine also changed her personality and feelings toward her love interest without any real reason. Frankly with only seven main characters it unfortunate when all the development stopped at the end. I assume there will be a squeal and I will certainly read it, but hopefully it won't feel like the book was pinched off at the end.

  • Yvonne - perfect

    I always avg on my home system, this is great price to cover my whole house with both regular and tune up, got it in 2 days with prime

  • Love To Shop - Overall a great product to light up a walkway.

    Great lights for providing small amounts of light for a walk way. It could also be used if you just want a decorative light. I would not suggest this in place of an overhead light. I would then suggest a motion sensed light. I got these for a small walkway that has a motion sensed light on the porch, but these would add more light directly at the feet where the light from above would be obstructed by steps and plants. I slightly have them for decorative reasons too. I think if you are going to put that much time into making your walkway look nice with plants and decorations, why not add a little decorative lighting.

  • Down to Earth Reader - FANTASTIC!!

    I applied this last summers to the bottom half of the north and west sides of our house, where it had turned quite gray from mildew. I very carefully followed the directions, including the "forget" part! No results really for months, but it was an exceptionally DRY year as we all know here in the Midwest. But come spring, a nice damp spring, I suddenly realized the lower half of the house was now much brighter than the top half! By far! So as soon as I had a dry weekend, I sprayed the same sides, top to bottom, and within weeks the entire house is bright!!!

  • B. Martinez - It fits the windshield but it doesn't sit perfectly I ...

    It fits the windshield but it doesn't sit perfectly I have to use the sun visors to keep it from falling.

  • Nana R - no change seen

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and have not seen any real change. I think just doing the abd workout would get the same results.

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