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  • Jon D. - Super cheap and effective

    Super cheap and effective. I used to spend $65/per collar. Now I just buy these once every few months. Major savings!

  • Mary Ann Schlacks - Not My Favorite Mystery

    I was looking forward to learning about Dental forensics. There was not much of that in the book. It is really a thriller, with the main character in danger from the beginning. There is also a quite graphic love-making scene which surprised me.

  • Tyler Goldsberry - Great for teeth and canker sores

    Biotene is the best! I have not had a cavity since I started using it. It has also greatly reduced the number of cankre sores that I have. When I do get them, it helps sooth some of the pain and helps them go away faster. It has been great for keeping my mouth from getting dry as well. I love this stuff.

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