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  • Gary Hauser - very pleased with the results

    I use two 6V Trojan deep-cycle coach batteries in my camper van, wired in series for a 12V system. My first set of batteries died after 5 years, and now these are 5 years old, and seemed to be dying. I got the BM 2012 on the recommendation of RVers, who claimed to be getting 7-10 years out of their batteries. I admit I let my second set run down too low one winter. I usually just tried to drive the van to charge the coach batteries, or plug it in when I thought about it, never bothering myself much with it. So... before buying a third set of new batteries, I tried the BM 2012 on these old, near dead ones, and I have to say the results are very convincing. I have solar panels on my van, with a solar regulator that tells me what amperage the batteries are charging at, and what the current voltage is. So I can easily track the daily pattern over time under various conditions. When camping the last few times before the BM 2012, my old batteries would quickly drop in voltage to 12.3-12.5 (70% charge) at sunset. By morning, with the fridge load and no solar, they would drop to 11.8-11.9 (35% charge). Now, after a few days with the BM 2012, they start at around 13 (100% charge) and might get down to 12.3 (65% charge), very much like just after new batteries.

  • Mae of the West - Let's go back in time...

    This book, and books like it, remind us of our core values from the past, like when women were expected to be barefoot and pregnant, when interracial marriage was taboo, and when smoking after having sex with a sheep was considered cool. Now all this gay marriage propaganda will cause things like acceptance of a person based on who they are on the inside and how they treat others, white men dancing in a non-embarrassing fashion, and better interior decorating for straight people. What self righteous zealot could live with that kind of insanity??

  • bmac32 - Overall 5 Star but ...

    For the average user this may be more than they care to tackle and here's some of the why's? Kaspersky does not get alone with lots of software and it removes things poorly. 1st, remove any other virus software, reboot also remove Zone Alarm and reboot. On one machine, that's 11 years old (Win XP) it would not remove Avast, well it said Avast, truth is it never had Avast, Norton and AVG yes but, ended up putting Avast on so I could remove it, total 13 reboots. Machine 2 3 reboots after I spent an hour in the registry cleaning out and traces of things like House Call, McAfee and Trend Micro, have never bought or install any of those. Machine 3, turned off Windows Defender and Kaspersky installed the first time with no reboots.

  • favmom - Great help

    Just got back from Rome (used the pocket book on Rome). This book was great for reading about Rome too, but also other close by places (Ostia) which we visited. Rick Steves does a wonderful job and I couldn't imagine visiting any place in Europe without his book in my pocket! Anyone who travels Europe, for the first time or not, would benefit from his expertise!

  • go vegan - doesn't work on kindle 8.9"

    This book doesn't display right on the 8.9 Kindle. The background and the pictures display on the upper left of the screen and the words take up the entire screen. This means that some of the words go over dark places in the upper left of the screen and are unreadable. I also own the original 7" Kindle Fire and the book is fine on that one.

  • Cpt Glenn - Perfect

    Meets all expectations. Essentially this is just an earlier version of finale. I guess this might be finale 2009.

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