Aiken's Makin' 40th Year!, Aiken SC, Aiken Chamber - Aiken's Makin' Craft Show, Juried Craft Show in beautiful, historic Aiken, SC. Hosted by the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. Mark Your Calenders, and Come! Sept 5-6

  • Aikens Makin' Committee, Supporting the Show & Aiken Chamber - Aiken's Makin' success is due to it's committees and volunteers. Aiken volunteers work all year to make your show experience a great one! Southern Hospitality
  • Aiken's Makin Sponsors | Supporting Aiken Community - Aiken's Makin' is possible with the support of fine sponsors!Major Sponsors: CB&I/Areva Mox, Master Automotove Group, Sam's Club, Champion Windows
  • Aiken's Makin' History - Southern Hospitality at its Finest - Aiken's Makin', a 2-day crafts show settled against the historic backdrop of Aiken County. Friendliness, and Charm await you as you enjoy juried crafts show.
  • How to Find Aiken's Makin' - Historic Aiken SC hosts the premiere fall festival of artisans and crafters from across the southeast. Every September, Aiken comes alive with vendors, entertainers, and activities for families young and old. This is an event you'll want to be sure to attend!

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    City: -104.9995 Colorado, United States

  • Jennalee Whitesell - Exorcist re-enactment!

    AWFUL PRODUCT. I was looking for another option to help me lose weight in addition to dieting and exercise. I saw they had this product in conjunction with a Groupon deal, buy two bottles for $19.99 and I thought GREAT! The first day on the product I had a little stomach cramping and slight dizziness. I thought it was just my body getting used to something new. The second day, I did not up the dose as described since my body didn't respond well to the recommended dose the first day. So, I took one pill the second day. Two hours later, I was shaking uncontrollably. I had the chills and could not get my body warm even with sweatshirts and a heated blanket on high. My stomach was cramping more than my worst period cramps I've ever had combined. It felt like the lining of my stomach was revolting against the rest of my body and attempting to detach. I had some bathroom issues that were constant and gross! And of course, nausea like you wouldn't believe. I could not sit up in the bed without thinking I was going to do a re-enactment of the Exorcist. I tried to look at it a different way and realized that I bought the product to lose weight and I guess technically I did by vomiting and bathroom issues but not in the way I had originally intended. Needless to say, I threw the product in the trash and learned my lesson on taking “quick-fix” medications.

  • kiki49k - Seeing better with herbal vision

    I bought these for my dad. I remember buying the same herbal treatment for my mom a few years back and this product works amazing. It keeps the eyes lubricated when eyes are dry & itchy. Helps with allergies and watery eyes. It's a capsule making it easy to swallow and digest. Dads says everything looks brighter and clearer. It's working and my 88 year old Father is happy so that's all I need! I highly recommend for anyone suffering with eye problems.

  • Pinkdiamond - Bad-ass debut!

    This book had everything I like in a romantic suspense thriller - sexual anticipation between two conflicting characters and a dark and alluring psychopath who is always one step ahead of a desperate investigation to find him. I will admit that I wasn't one-hundred percent in love with everything about the story, but majority of it had me reading well into the night.

  • Sandy - Intense Flavor, Works Well

    I found the taste of this honey to be almost medicinal, but so were the effects. I had had the honey around for a couple of weeks when I came down with a sore throat and decided to take the honey for a test drive, so to speak. I used the honey 3 times in one day (1 tsp each time)...and the next morning I felt 100% back to normal. Would I have recovered that fast anyway from whatever was causing the sore throat? I don't know, but I do know that I went from feeling bad to feeling normal overnight. I am a big fan of Manuka honey now.

  • J. C. - Works better than great

    Overall, this product stacks up to its promise. I have used it multiple times and each time, the glass do look "invisible" afterwards. Very easy to use.

  • SahilTheGreat - Great TV

    I got this TV at my local Best Buy. This TV looks awesome. A 1080p, 32 inch TV is great. My only regret is that I didn't get anything bigger. This TV is a recommended buy

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