Alaska Vein Clinic -- Dr. Robert Artwohl M.D. - Alaska's most experienced varicose vein treatment center.  Free consults available.  Dr. Robert Artwohl is board certified surgeon.  

  • Alaska Vein Clinic Consults -- Alaska Vein Clinic - Alaska Vein Clinic offers free consults to screen you for vein problems.  Full consults are covered by insurance.  All consults are with Dr. Artwohl.
  • About Vein Disease | Alaska Vein Clinic - Varicose veins and venous insufficiency are progressive problems.  The Alaska Vein  designs a vein treatment program for each patient.
  • Compression Stockings | Alaska Vein Clinic - Compression stockings are a mainstay in the treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency.
  • AVC Venous Ultrasound | Alaska Vein Clinic - Alaska Vein Clinic uses venous ultrasound for diagnoses and doing minimally invasive vein treatments like ClosureFast and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.
  • Alaska Vein Clinic Staff -- Alaska Vein Clinic - Dr. Artwohl and the rest of the Alaska Vein Clinic staff of Alaska's most experienced varicose vein treatment center.
  • Vein Treatments | Alaska Vein Clinic - All varicose vein treatments at the Alaska Vein Clinic are performed by board certified surgeon Dr. Robert Artwohl.

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