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  • Julia A. Andrews - Cannot Wait to Try as Many Features as Possible!

    I have owned and loved a bevy of digital cameras since the format was first introduced. My next major project is to burn some DVD's, making them as specific gifts to family and friends. I have put it off for ages because of what a headache it would be with my current software. Then I saw this offered on Vine and thought Amazon had become psychic.

  • Michael S - Alright, could be better

    Could be more intuitive. Cannot import PDF (another $300-400 upgrade), but you can scan in music. The program crashes without a reason sometimes, so be sure to save continuiley

  • Joseph L. Kolb - not bad

    pretty good tasting, reminds me a lot of Tang. my main complaint is it's suggested usage: 2 scoops per 100 lbs of body weight. so if you are a heavier person, you are using a lot of this in a glass which comes out thick and gritty. it does have a lot of good ingredients and low in carbs 7 g and sugars 1 g. although I do like it, I probably won't buy it again.

  • Alex N - Order a size up if you are close to the next size, the compression can be a bit tight if you are on the mark.

    The color is nice, but I would have preferred if the whole sleeve were all a uniform black, it would look a lot cleaner but this design is still good, not too distracting or flashy when at the gym. If you are close to the next size up or close to the middle, then I definitely recommend ordering the next size up for a good fit and comfort. The compression knee sleeves are bit tight on me, I ordered a medium and the length around my knee is 13.6 in, which is still less than 14.2 for medium, but it is still a bit tight for me. The sleeve still fits me but it is slightly constricting. Being so tight, the sleeves do not slip down or roll at all for me. It does seem to help with the pressure on my knees when I am squatting, but I worry that as I keep lifting weights the muscles around my thighs and legs will continue to grow making the knee sleeves more and more constricting, for now it fits and I am still 13.6 which is a little tight for me. If you are a in the middle of the size chart or you think your muscles will get bigger around your legs order the next size up for the best comfort and fit. I got the compression knee sleeves for a discount for reviewing purposes, but came here to drop the honest truth.

  • Bob The Frog - If you liked Life of Pi, this book is for you!

    This book breaks all the bounds of what we consider to be normal. From the beginning to the end is pure originality, and none of the tired rehashed plots that plague so many books these days. If you liked how Memento twisted around the time-line of the plot, then you'll love this. This is Memento meets Life of Pi to the 74910th power!

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