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  • DeborahDarling - Best thing I've found for pet stains & odor...even worked on cat "mistakes"!

    Our number one "leaky dog" has gone to puppy heaven, but we still have an occasional "accident", and this is the best thing I've ever found for stain & odor control. It's not magic, but it's close. Just soak up or remove as much of the offending substance as possible, soak the area with Natures Miracle, let it sit for a few minutes to do its enzyme work, then blot up what you can. Stain gone, odor gone. Perfect!

  • J. Nelson - Error in MAC version and poor technical support

    I purchased the At Home 2012 Deluxe and installed on my Macbook Pro. Entered the data and completed the Federal taxes and then installed the Illinois state module. The Illinois state software DOUBLED MY STATE TAXES PAID so threw off my return by $2700. I checked the numbers I entered in the W2 section of the program and they were correct. I called customer service and they asked if I installed the latest Illinois version. I checked the update section and it was the most current. They offered to email me another Illinois version and said it should correct and override the existing installation. So, I opened and attempted to install from the provided link and the installer told me I had a more recent version of Illinois state tax module installed already. So, I ordered Turbo Tax today.

  • Mawmel - It's like you have "extra" hands!

    Best product!!! I get my fingernails done professionally HOWEVER,I do my own toes. This product held my polish like I had an "extra" pair of hands! It did not spill and stayed upright for ALL ten toes! HaHa--Also, I have some polish that is in round bottles and some in square. It held either one perfectly. Only wish "I" had thought this!!!!

  • Tina C. - FAIL!!

    I have been using QB for nearly 20 years for my VERY small business (one woman shop) to invoice and budget (very simple). I have QB Pro 2011 currently and it's been warning me that I need to upgrade to 2014 by May 31 or "Quickbooks will no longer support add-on services like online backup." Well, I do e-mail my clients their invoices so since this appears to be an "add-on" service I figured I'd better upgrade.

  • Amazon Customer - There is no reason for different file format

    I was hoping to transition my Window QuickBooks data to Mac and communicate with my CPA who uses Windows. No such luck. It probably does function if you want to be stranded on a platform and force your business partners to follow suit. I had to return this and purchase the Windows edition to run in a virtual machine.

  • debeeG - fantastic product

    I got tired of the Le-Vel website (too difficult to manage that site...not user friendly), so I ordered the capsules on Amazon. They give me so much energy and clarity! I don't care for the rest of their products, but the lifestyles capsules for women are awesome!

  • Anne Forrester - love that, and seems to be as advertised

    Have just started to take this product today. The product arrived AHEAD of schedule, love that, and seems to be as advertised. I will let you know more as I start with the product. So far, so good!! I bought this product because of the reviews. I did not read one single bad review; that says a lot. I have to take a liver supplement, because of some medication that I have had to take in the past. I no longer take the medication, but the damage has been done. This was the best product that I could find to help with the problem. As I said before, I will let you know as we go! Thank-you!

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