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  • Angela Ellis - easy to adjust and very comfortable

    This VR works brilliantly with YouTube 360° Videos, comfortable to wear, especially good because of the padding around the eyes so it doesn't give you any grief after long periods of play.

  • Amazon Customer - About as good as these self-published kids books get.

    This book has an adorable premise and with a proper publisher could actually have been a five-star book--it's got quite good potential.

  • Andrew - Works great

    This pack comes with a 10 day supply. The directions are included and they are easy to follow. It says to wear the mouthpiece and light for 30 minutes. The light stays on for 10 minute minute intervals and then beeps and turns off, so that makes it easy to keep up work how long to use it without setting a timer. And so far, I'm very impressed with the results. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to someone else. If something happens, I will update my review accordingly.

  • Smoozen - Cooking Light Digital Version

    I love the magazine, but am not a fan of reading it digitally. Since I am only reading it on a 7 inch screen, I am finding it hard to navigate.

  • Sharp - All you need

    My local Polaris Dealership tried selling me a windshield priced at $570.00. I researched this material until I found this product. Im glad I did because I love it. My head sits above the windshield approx. 6 inches, however there is no wind or bugs in my face due to the design creating a draft. Easy to install and instructions easy to follow. I would definately recommend this product.

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