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  • J. Ferris - Wet it and forget it

    I only ordered a half gallon of this product because I was skeptical that it would work as advertised. After applying it according to the directions I am now convinced that it actually does what it claims - i.e. removes moss, mold, mildew and stains from outdoor surfaces.

  • Senior Grey - This is a nice screen protector

    This is a nice screen protector. Applying it is pretty easy, and can easily be peeled to apply again, however I recommend a very, very clean environment because of some static which attracts dust. I had a small speck of dust that got trapped underneath the screen during my first installation, but peeling it off and using the provided dirt clean film let me remove the dirt from both the screen protector and my K1. The corner became a little opaque, but it was in an area outside of the active area so it was of little concern. Unlike a certain other screen protector I used on my Nexus 7, this one actually lets my Dagi Stylus glide across the screen with little resistance.

  • E. Taylor - Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising

    I just read Brian Geiger's review and the MS Social Team's response. I logged onto amazon with the purpose of checking out Office 2013, I am currently using 2010. I once was suckered into Office 365 for a netbook, never again. Clouds usually signal a coming storm, cloud computing is certainly well named. Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising. The reason I chose to post on a product that I was going to buy but chose not to buy. The MS team's posted reply, to Mr. Geiger's very specific complaints; was the most offensive piece of garbage I've ever seen come out of a corporate entity. If you've ever seen someone hold up three fingers and say read between the lines you understand the gist of Microsoft's reply. If that's their attitude, why bother to reply at all? Do they really think anyone will click on the links?

  • workout artist - Great purchase

    I have had the Sole F63 now for six weeks. I have used it almost everyday since I purchased it. I can not be happier with my purchase. I researched treadmills for 3 weeks before making my purchase and I am glad I went with the Sole F63. If you are going to do a lot of running I would probably go with a Sole product with a larger motor. It works great for walking and jogging.

  • Andrew J Thorne - Great sturdy knife, can't be the quality for the price.

    You can't beat Leatherman for a quality knife and this pocket knife is my personal favorite. I had an older model c302 that I lost; that c302 is the knife I hold all other knives to as a standard. As such the next generation of Combo Knife with carbiner clip and screw drivers has not disappointed me. One thing I like that Leatherman has changed is the knife housing. It still feels very solid in your hands but the older style metal housing would hurt after a bit if you were using the screw drivers or just the knife in general. This new housing is much more comfortable to grip and they didn't take away from the solid feel of the knife. The thumb and finger launchers are great; most times that you need to get your knife out to use it you already have one hand holding something, its great to be able to launch the blade with your free hand and not have to put down what you are working on.

  • Michelle Nicole Sherbrook - Love this

    I love this machine!! It works great and the foundation is perfect! Remember if you have problem areas or like more coverage you can always move closer to face with nozzle and it's a heavier application. Further away is lighter coverage. Well worth the money!

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