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  • desert traveler - Great item, but no pot is worth this much money!

    If this hadn't been on sale for under $100, I wouldn't have gotten it. It's great, though! Looks good on the table, excellent heat retention (if I keep the lid on and let it set in a warm kitchen, it'll keep soup warm all day), and I like the size and heft. I'd have given it 5 stars if it weren't so exorbitantly expensive. I'm sure there are good Dutch ovens out there for less.

  • D. Sacerdote - Solid choice for an Unobtrusive Bluetooth Headset

    I was actually shopping for a pair of bluetooth earbuds when this Axgio Earbud Headset caught my attention, and I'm glad it did. The headset is very versatile: I can wear just the single, subtle bluetooth reciever in my ear if I'm just using it for phone calls, or I can connect the other earbud via the micro-USB port on the headset and immediately have excellent wireless stereo earbuds. The receiver is about the diameter (maybe a bit larger) of a nickel, and there are no brightly-glowing LEDs on it to attract attention or make you look like a Borg. It's just what I was looking for.

  • Levitha deSouza - Female teen unhappy with Xbox One and game Just Dance 2016.

    Daughter was unhappy with the way Microsoft developed the game. She states that found out that Microsoft has it so people would have to purchase the songs in the game to dance to. We have not been able to use the game as daughter decided to return the Xbox One to Best Buy as daughter was unhappy with the way Microsoft developed the product. Since Just Dance 2016 had been opened for attempt to play thought had to keep it.

  • Thorne Hamstring - If You Want Unsolicited Porn Sent To Your Personal Email Do Install This Product

    I finally got around to installing this. I created an account on their site with my email address. Avast was supposed to send a confirming email that let me finalize my registration/account. It did not arrive. However, in the early morning hours of the next morning I received unsolicited email from porn sites/ porn personals from Russia, including the .ru in the email address. Great. Now I'll likely have to dump a perfectly good email address if this keeps up. These folks are in the Czech Republic, as in part of the former Communist Block. Why does anyone want to let these folks guard a computer. Really.

  • BeekeeperDonald - SeaFoam Multiuse Fuel Treatment

    I have a '98 Dodge 1500 pickup with a 3.9liter engine and a 5 speed tranny and was getting 17 1/2 to 17 3/4 MPG when a friend

  • xj85212 - It works!

    I am not employed or a distributor for this product,so with that being said, it works amazingly well. Almost to well. This product was given to me by a friend who also uses it and the results have been amazing. It doesnt give you the jittery feeling that diet pills normally do. The pounds keep coming off. I love this product.

  • skr197 - Redness be gone!

    Please don't confuse this product for a foundation... even though it can be used as one for some people.

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