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  • Cupertation - just getting started, but seems to make a difference

    I finished my first bottle of 30 and moved on to the 90 count- great price + amazon prime. This will be my second month of using Alpha Brain and it seems to help. I have 10-12 hour days at work and noticed that the last week or so have been more productive-- especially at the end of the day.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the Color and Auto Delivery Option!

    I just tried my customized hair color in natural light blonde which is like a level 9 box color from a store. I really love the color and it left my hair in really good condition. It also evened out my roots with the rest of my color. I have dark blonde hair naturally which I normally dye it to a light natural blonde and have some highlights throughout. When I first put the new dye on the parts of my hair that are highlighted quickly turned blue! I thought, "oh no!" Plus, the dye looked like it wasn't going to dye my hair light enough and was going to look too golden, which I hate, however, once I got in the shower and rinsed, shampooed and conditioned and dried my hair, the results were awesome. The parts that were blue rinsed out completely and the the color was even throughout. It was exactly what I wanted and my hair was left in better condition than when I use box hair dye from the drug store. I'm completely satisfied! I set up auto delivery for every 4 weeks. It will be a little more expensive than box color, but the added benefit of better conditioned hair in the long run is worth it to me. Plus, I can control the shipments on line and even skip an order if I need to. I am in control of the timing of the shipments, and can even make changes to the color. So, for anyone who says on their review that there isn't a phone number to contact customer service , they are wrong. The phone number is on their website. Also, I read where a customer's credit card was charged for an additional after the first order, we'll just so you know, after you order the first time, you are automatically signed up for auto delivery, but can turn it off immediately online. You just have to pay attention to what's on the page and follow directions! The person who said their credit card was charged again without authorization just did not pay attention to the options on the ordering page. They could have turned off the auto delivery option the very first time they ordered. It was not esalon's fault! Pay attention and don't blame the company for your own oversight! This is a real review from a real first time customer who is very satisfied! Thank you Esalon'!

  • jinx_nm - Huge Hidden Problem!

    I was enthusiastic to save money with Magic Jack Plus, and I was pleased with the call quality until I learned of a huge hidden issue. A client of mine tried to call me from a business that has a large phone network, and for whatever reason their phone number is not displayed by caller ID. Instead of ringing straight through, she heard a tacky Magic Jack ad followed by a message that her call could not be completed. When I contacted Magic Jack to learn how I could change this setting, they offered no alternative. I told them that this was a deal breaker for me, so they told me how to cancel service. This could be a huge issue for anyone who receives calls from large businesses, institutions, or friends and family members that have restricted numbers (as some people in law enforcement do for their own protection). If I do not want to answer an unidentified call I prefer to receive it, let it go to voicemail, and then call the person back if it is legitimate. Not receiving important calls, or worse yet looking tacky to clients are real business killers. I wish I had known in advance, so I felt compelled to let others know to save them the inconvenience of buying the unit and service and then cancelling.

  • momx2 - Can't live without it

    This product has literally changed my life. I know that sounds crazy, but it has. It has no calming effect on me, does not put me to sleep (which I would love for it to do), but it has been extremely helpful with intestinal issues. I had struggled for years with those issues, but once this was recommended to me and I tried it, everything changed. I make sure to NEVER run out of this, it's that helpful. It's one of those things that I would run out to the natural foods store late at night to buy if I had to.

  • John Q. Public - A Must Read

    Yet another wake up call to the nation. We all know what we'll get with a Hillary presidency...and it's frightening.

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