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  • Profane Poet - Finally, Properly Sized Holes!

    Excellent! The coins fit in the slots perfectly! No struggle to get them in and they don't fall out. The coins are not crowded together and it's easy to store. Great quality. Looks great.

  • popeye1 - Nice

    It works well with my high performance HP computer. I used to use Norton Internet Security for 3 years until I bought a windows 7 pc. After several months of use, I would get boot up problem with blue screen, needing to restore to an earlier date for it to function. After uninstalling Norton and using Kaspersky, I get no more issue. In fact, this security software works as good as Norton, no virus whatsoever. I love their Safe Money feature which give me a peace of mine when banking and buying from online stores. Great stuff!

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