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  • Skeptik - easy to read and informative

    I get this every year to make sure I don't miss any tax breaks. It answers most all of my questions--too bad they don't have a California supplement for our California forms but other than that it's quite thorough and even entertaining at times.

  • Kory KRICK - Household Spiders, no super hero powers

    Bought this for household spiders hoping they'd bite me so I could get super hero powers... Alas, the talking spider says he will not bite me, he does however write helpful messages in his web for my benefit.

  • M4owner - Works every time WITHOUT FAIL

    This product works in every way it should. Personally i had used this multiple times over the course of a few months and without fail it worked every single time as long as i followed the directions. You must stop putting in youre body whatever it is youre trying to get out, at least 3 days prior to youre test. This is a MUST, if you do not do this or decide to cheat you will fail the test. After taking the drink it literally flushes youre entire system, and i do mean flush. you will literally use the bathroom till you have nothing left in you and not just urinating, fortunately it stops at just number 1 and 2. I highly recommend this product, it doesnt just cover up a toxin it clears it from youre entire body from that moment on as long as no new toxins are introduced.

  • AmyK - Made in China, NOT Italy....dont be fooled.

    The stroller clearly prints along the side of it "Made In Italy" (with the HUGE price tag to match), but then when you look on the tag in the back, it says Made In China. I emailed the company regarding this discrepancy, and this is what actually transpired:

  • ShreddedBeef - great program

    This was the only virus program to remove the pesky virus on my pc. I tried every step by step forum on the internet. I also download and bought 10 different "top brands" big company virus protection and non of them worked. And then i found Stopvilla and I was able to remove all of the nasty things on my pc! I didnt buy this from Amazon but rather from the main website.

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