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  • L. Cuervo - Download failed

    The "download" never downloaded, even with the help of Amazon tech support. I had to get a refund (very rarely done for downloaded software) and buy a physical disc. This cost twice as much. Don't know what happened this year. I've been downloading H&R for at least two years now. Same computer, same Amazon.

  • TruckingGirl - and got a really good price and received the game that Saturday

    Ordered on Thanksgiving I believe, and got a really good price and received the game that Saturday. I looooovvveeee the game even though one of the moved almost caused me to break my leg lol!!!

  • TomLin - Terrible software

    this is the worst program i have used to back up. since the upgrade to 2016 i can no longer sync between folders from my USB and the PC it is connected to. the user interface offers no help, is difficult to use and is not user friendly. Acronis pushes you to subscribe to their cloud service which makes the software not fully functional if you don't. I'll never buy from them again. Not recommended, stay as far away as possible. seek a different software.

  • Bernard J. Sorrentino - Great concept but here is what I found.

    I had purchased one of these devices back in 2006 it is designed on the scientific basis that lasers regrow hair however finding how simple and common the lasers were in these devices I found I could build a more powerful device with about 10 times as many lasers for about 100 dollars. The lasers are 350 Nano meter that just means they are red and they have the power of a laser pointer so you could build this device for about 100 bucks and a trip to radio shack. Do your homework it is easy other than that great product.

  • Dave E - The only one i watch...!

    My opinion is that the 1951 version of " A Christmas Carol is by far the best one ever made. My sister however disagrees...but that is fine with me.. Alastair Sim does such a wonderful job of bringing the transition from the mean old miserly Scrooge who is full of dislike for mankind to the " Can you forgive me for being a stubborn old fool, for having no eyes to see with, no ears to hear with all these years...!" I love his transition especially here , with Bob Crachit and even Christmas morn with Mrs Dilber his maid...!

  • clint groesbeck - This stuff works great even for someone that takes narcotic pain medicine. Sorry no pics.

    Bought this for my Father. He really needed it badly. He had months worth of back up. It looks like he was wearing a backpack backwards. Trust me spare tire doesn't do him justice. His belly was about hard as a rock. It was bad, I can't stress this enough. He would actually go weeks without a BM.

  • igotasweetass - Gold for the Commode...

    I personally bought two of them, after reading the daily email letter By Dan lewis;‎ If you haven't signed up. do it. now. He writes very well as he spins tales of absurd but true things that you absolutely end up loving to "know"! A two bathroom book.

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