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  • Steve Blom - This product works really well

    Ive used this product before with great success many times. I've tried many different Test Boosters and have gotten varying results. This is a good one

  • Spacey - Review from 3rd Year UNPAID honest Webroot User.

    Seach No Further this is all you need in an antivirus. It is non intrusive, installs in 2nds and no nag screens unless you happen to try to go to a suspected unsafe site and it works Great! The price is unbeatable! I have used Webroot for 3 years. Before that I have had AVG, Nortons, and another popular antivirus software that I can't recall the name right at the moment. All those other Software Programs wanted to iinteract with me and bug and nag me at times but not Webroot. It uses little space on your computer and will not slow you down at all. Its great! Great software support also. So save your money unless you just want to give another company your hard earned bucks. Also a tip the price here for 3 users if less than Walmarts.

  • singer - GA was lost in the fire

    They really lost something on this show when they got rid of both Christina and Derek. The women sound whiny, the show has lost its focus and its magic. There was real chemistry between these characters and now there are a lot of characters I just don't care about (April, Maggie, Joe, Amelia) or I find annoying. If Rhimes was going to dramatically change the show then she should have changed it. Instead she keeps the same tone and jingoism but without the characters who made that seem relevant. Maggie's "OMG I slept with an intern" is old and she's too old to whine on about it like some teenager. The patient-doctor stories are recycled, the jingoism is recycled and the show lacks enthusiasm. I think Rhimes should just bring it to an end before it totally loses its integrity. I used to really really LOVE this show and I really cared about the characters and now I'm verging on indifference. I will no longer buy a season pass but will wait until it all comes out on Netflix if I bother to remember it. Also Amazon is off its game, sometimes it gives you the new season pass episode and sometimes that episode is just not there even after it aired. Happened with Fear The Walking dead one time and its happened this season 2x's. Kind of sick of that too.

  • Alain - Nice light!

    Nice flashlight and lantern combo! So many nice features to list. To name a few I like: cell phone charger, rechargeable, bright, compact, waterproof! This is a well thought out and designed product. Love it!

  • Jass - They're easy to swallow & they do the job

    My hair has grown so much when I used this product. The only con I have is that you break out the first 3 weeks if you dont drink an average of 3 or 4 bottles of water a day. Break out is a result from your body getting used to the product, so it goes away after a few weeks. They're easy to swallow & they do the job, just drink water daily.Also you wont see immediate results, I saw noticeable results in my hair regarding health, but length came for me in about two months.

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