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°HOTEL APARTHOTEL VIVA MENORCA CALA'N BOSCH (MENORCA) 4* (Spain) - from € 6250 | BOOKED - Aparthotel Viva Menorca - Aparthotel Viva Menorca boasts positioning close to Cala Macarella, Municipal Museum of Ciutadella des Bastio de sa Font and Santo Tomas Beach, offering 164 rooms and featuring a heated swimming pool, a sun terrace and a tennis court.

  • http://aparthotel-viva-menorca-ciutadella.booked.net/#hotel-facilites-new °HOTEL APARTHOTEL VIVA MENORCA CALA'N BOSCH (MENORCA) 4* (Spain) - from US$ 7145 | BOOKED - Aparthotel Viva Menorca - The luxury Aparthotel Viva Menorca offers accommodation in a beach area of Ciutadella. Major Ciutadella sights, such as Aqua Center, Ses Voltes (The Arches) and Mount Toro are located nearby.

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    City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent and very very interesting!

    Caveat - I haven't tried earthing therapy seriously yet - specifically earthing while sleeping. BUT - the physical principles described in the book make perfect sense to me - as a radio amateur I have a good sense of what earthing means. Having a free supply of electrons in the human body (from earthing) has well known health benefits - that's exactly why we need to eat anti-oxidants. This is not about crystals and lay-lines and mumbo-jumbo at all. I am impressed that this is not a sales pitch thing, and it is well explained that the products are optional and all the benefits can be had from natural earthing such as walking barefoot. Clnt's own story is very inspiring - he seems a very credible character if you see him on the youtube vids. Cardiologits Stephen Sinatra complements the story very well with a lot of the science and health benefits, notably the effects on chronic body inflammation (CHD and athritis), but also on blood viscosity. The testimonials are detailed and convincing, including one from a Tour-de-France team. If this is what i think it is - Clint Ober should get a Nobel prize.

  • sharon - Leaked in package, but good product.

    The caps were loose and normal handing allowed the foil seal to pop open enough to leak a couple of spoonful's of oil to leak into the shipping box. plus I could smell the sulfur in the gear lube before I opened the box, What a mess!! The product is great. If the caps would have been screwd on tight no mess would have happened.

  • Barry Vista - Smells good and the wife loves it!

    This product is great - for hair at least. Right after my wife bought it I accidently squeezed some on toothbrush while not paying very close attention. Good for hair, but not for teeth. Won't do that it again. Shampoo is great for hair though.

  • Dman - Five Stars

    One of the best costumes out there. The daughter looked amazing and her friends all loved the dress.

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