PeaceHealth - Hospitals, Medical Clinics and Labs in AK, WA, OR - PeaceHealth is a not-for-profit health care system with hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories located in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

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City: -123.0867 Oregon, United States

  • N. Coy - A longer version of the infomercial

    If you watched the infomercail and thought "wow, I agree with what they're saying, maybe this is a good program" then you've already heard 75% of what you're going to get on the CD/DVD set. Most of the hours and hours of guidance is just an extended version of the infomercial, a lot of times it's the exact same script as the infomercail. It's like they're trying to convince you that their method works and you should buy into it. Yeah, I got tht part, can we just move on? Unfortunately no, you can't move on. You must listen to hours of them droning on and on about and Lehman and his program and how good it is and testimonials and why you should do this and why it works. It's very frustrating to listen to all that when you accept the premise and want to move on to the HOW of the program. I lost patience really quickly trying to weed through all the hard sell rhetoric to find the actual steps of the program. Some of their methods I've been trying myself before I even got the program and they didn't work so trying methods that have already failed is a waste of my time. Of course, you can spend $50 a month to subscribe to their "talk" line and call them. And if you're doing the program hoping to get your money back by providing feedback, make sure you do every step in order and answer the questions after each section. The instructions for filling out the questionaire are non-existent. I think my biggest problem with my kids is that I don't have enough time to spend with them. If I had the time that this program takes, I'd probably be ok but with being a single parent who works and goes to school, I found the time requirements of this program to be unrealistic. Especially when the majority of it was just an extension of the infomercial. Very frustrating! $500 not very well spent ($109 a month for 3 months for the program since I didn't do their survey and $49 a month for the "talk" line that I didn't even know I was paying for).

  • JAVA117 - 10/10 would bang. Top Kek.

    Great quality, I still need help on tuning the sympathetic strings but everything else is great. One of the best decisions of my life was learning to play this beautiful instrument. 10/10 would bang.

  • seun ogunbanjo - Great buy

    This hdmi cable was great I only had to sell half my belongings and a kidney to buy it. I bought two for both of my tv's and when I plug the cable in to both tv's my tv was faster and the audio was great. I went to sleep on the floor that day since I had sold my bed and woke up the next day to find that they had transformed into sentient fighting robots that had destroyed half my house and the neighborhood so if you don't mind everything being destroyed you will have fun with your family for a long time (if they are still alive)

  • lisa - I'm not sure this book has a mood.

    Sofia has a troubling past and abandonment issues after her abusive mother is put into an asylum and her emotionally distant father becomes distant physically. Sofia is being raised by friends of the family, the saving grace of which is Ben, their son and Sofia's crush.

  • L. Brooks - Fabulous!

    Fabulous! I have searched for YEARS for the right product and after 48 have finally found the right one. Yes! Please don't change the formula, it's perfect. It's gentle on my locks, lasts for days, great shine. It's pricey but last a long time and is worth every penny! I am a very satisfied customer.

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