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  • Mark Belgen - A Movie That Finally Makes Sense of This President

    Finally, a presentation that explains the clearly illogical and obviously bad decisions that Obama has made as President. Backed with facts and evidence to support his conclusion after a lengthy investigative exploration into the life and relationships of Barrack Obama, Mr. D'Souza clearly demonstrates what has motivated this President to make the decisions that he has made and his predictions to date have come true. It makes perfect sense now why he has done what he has and we now know what his ultimate intentions are and why.

  • Brent - Excellent device, a bit bulky with too many wires, and a clunky menu. Amazing if you're tired of your cable/sat box software

    Controls my Comcast cable box in a way I never imagined. I was going to cancel cable before I got my Xbox which now allows me to say "Xbox, watch Comedy Central" or "Xbox, watch ESPN" when I want to watch the game. I hated using my Comcast cable box, now it's not so bad.

  • Hersheybar10 - The BEST IDE HANDS DOWN...

    I've used my share of IDE's from codeBlocks to xCode, and they all fail in comparison to vs 2012. Everything is so much easier to find, and the entire layout is redesigned. One surprising thing is that this actually runs faster than the previous version - which is a huge plus.

  • Michael Graybill - In ground pool - it worked

    I had a leak in the line to the pump beneath the skimmer. I would lose water as fast as I could could fill the pool. Poured about a third of the bottle using a pipe to funnel directly into the skimmer suction line and waited three days. I removed my screens in the DE filter and turned on the pump. I turned on the pump and no loss of water. Two weeks and I still have not added water to he pool. This stuff works. Before trying this product, I was ready to cut the cement and repair the under ground line. This stuff really worked. Just unbelievable. Try it before you make a radical repair.

  • kdjones - A color saver!!!

    I cannot believe the difference this product has made to my blonde hair over the few weeks I have been using it! My color looks amazing with much less red, brassy tones! I thought there was an issue with the color being used on my hair but clearly this shampoo and conditioner is all I needed. I would highly recommend this product!

  • D.M.T. - Good purchase

    I had used my last register but still had lots of checks left. This was an inexpensive option for me since I still write down my bank transactions and don't put them on the computer. Just as advertised and I received the order VERY fast.

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