Argera Anti Aging Centre - ARGERA is unquestionably one of Perth's premier cosmetic clinics. ARGERA is also Western Australia's only day hospital with an exclusive license from the Health Department for liposuction.

  • ARGERA Wrinkle Relaxers - Treatment generally takes less than 15 minutes with minimal discomfort.Initially for most people the effect lasts 3 to 6 months. Over time with regular treatments the muscles often learn to accept the weakened state and treatments last longer. All staff at ARGERA receive wrinkle relaxer therapy and the doctor has been having treatments since 1999 without any serious adverse effects.
  • ARGERA Liposuction - Tumescent liposuction has 3 distinct advantages over traditional liposuction. The first is improved safety relating to the technique itself. The second is the patient does not need a general anaesthetic. The third advantage of reduced cost to the patient since a general anaesthetic is expensive.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.2679 New South Wales, Australia

  • J. Mitchell - Junky. Hose leaked so it got too much air ...

    Junky. Hose leaked so it got too much air in the vacuum to work (couldn't keep suction for more than 10 seconds). Tried to return it, but got the run around. Still have it in my basement collecting dust and ended up buying something else.

  • Tina - Gun does not work

    Purchased Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite for my son's Christmas gift. I bought the promotional package where I was supposed to get Cabelas Survival: Shadows of Katmai free. Everything shipped and arrived in a timely manner. My son opened it Christmas day and the trigger on the gun did not work. It does not come up with an error message or anything. It just has no response. So I return Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite and Amazon does not have this game anymore so they said they would refund my money. I paid $80 and got $53 refunded. They minused the value of the FREE game off of the $80. I understand this in one respect BUT I wanted another Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite and Amazon could not comply. I did not break the agreement. So beware...your free games are only free if nothing goes wrong with part of the order.

  • *AlisonPz - Ill continue to update as i use

    Arrived quickly, and arrived as stated. If you have any glycerin allergies, this won't work for you. As is contain several component of glycol. I will update my review as I use the product and see result if it works I'll change my rating. But hair growth takes some stay tuned

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