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City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Jason - Everything worked except the wind gauge

    I would have given this 5 stars except the wind guage 'blew up' the first day I had it out at work. Everything else worked out fine, I'm just working on getting a new fan for the wind guage.

  • brandeeno - no problems, install was easy

    does what it does. i installed with a screw driver (no torque monitoring) and it works fine. I was not able to tell if i got the direction right on these (forward facing)... the instructions said its important, but i cannot tell. I have a 2012 honda.

  • Kris - Can't import transactions

    What use is going to this program if I can't import bank transactions? I can't use the bank feed feature because the accounts in question are closed. I can only manually enter every transaction. What is the use of this program? Is it not supposed to make my life easier? Just wasted $150 on this product.

  • Debby - I Can Now Sleep Soundly

    Like millions of others, huge ships have been a devastating problem throughout most of my life. The earliest I can remember the problem starting was when I was only three years old. A huge ship came crashing through our house, and to make matters worse, it was the middle of winter. We had to tough out many cold nights, as the hole left by the ship had wrecked nearly half the house and reconstruction was slow. All of us caught pneumonia that winter and nearly died, which goes to show just how dangerous huge ships can be. Thankfully, however, my parents had huge ship insurance, so most of the costs of repairing our house were covered. Had we not had that, we likely would have faced massive debt or possibly even lost our home altogether, which is why it used to scare me very badly that insurance companies no longer offer huge ship insurance.

  • Nevada Star - DOESN'T WORK.

    I did everything by the book, drank tons of water, ate healthy, slept with it on, showered before I put it on to open my pores, & I kept them on for 6 hours.

  • BRIANNA - Fascinating

    I expected a hit piece but instead I watched a really thoughtful movie emerge. Certainly this isn't flattering to President Obama but much of it is in his own words or those by people who know him or his father personally. I was intrigued by the idea that he sent the bust back from the White House and wouldn't think he'd have the right to do that. I don't understand why he isn't helping out his very poor half brother yet is speaking often of helping the poor, help begins at home. It seems Obama was elected because of a "perfect storm" and slogans of hope and change were like medicine to a sick nation. Unfortunately, it's four years later and the results promised were not delivered. Whether you agree or not with this movie certainly there is something to be learned from it. I am certain people who love Obama will hate the movie and people who hate Obama will love the movie. It's those in the middle, unbiased to begin with that will be the best test to watch this. I voted for Obama in 2008 but I am greatly disappointed in him now. I learned a lot from this movie, particularly about his father and the estrangement that seemed to haunt Obama. I found it sad and moving. Yet haunting. Obama is an unlikely president in a center right nation. Running on ideals was perfect in 2008 however running on a wretched record in 2012 is a different story. I think Obama will be better served to lose this reelection instead of igniting his ego he will be challenged to look deep inside.

  • inez - Keep it coming!

    I have so much fun playing this game it really gives me a workout physically and mentally. I just wish I didn't have to wait a whole year for the next release. I wish I could just purchase new dance videos every month with a wider selection.

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