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  • Batey - I love these even though they don't last that long

    This is so cool and lets me hold my bottle of polish and tilted as needed when I'm running low. This is my second one of these and they lose their shape quite quickly around the finger and won't stay on. I don't know if that's because I use it so much in the salon or not

  • Spunky 1 - A must have!

    I read previous comments and debated on getting this one when I had a 2013 Ed. However, bad claims that other made I find mostly untrue. The quality of paper is not about the thickness, it's the same as before, but the ink will smudge if you sweat, have a cream on... I underlined text with G Pilot coloured pens and with regular black/blue pens and it doesn't show on the other side. The feel of the paper is the same. The flow is much better compared to previous Editions and pictures are nicer. You will find certain change in organization of the material, ie stuff you saw under behavioural science may now be under neurology, so no they didn't miss it. They also follow UWorld question when it comes to newer drugs. Overall, I am very happy for getting this Edition.

  • J. Brooks - H&R Block Home Deluxe 2011 Win (Download)

    This download was a lifesaver. My computer crashed and I lost all my previous software and it was months later. I purchased this software, downloaded with ease, and was on my way in no time.

  • Carl Reddick - This is the greatest book ever written

    This is the greatest book ever written. It starts out with an orphan girl coming of age during a time of political turmoil. She marries poorly and is soon consumed with an addiction to 'nervous medicine' because of her husband's shenanigans. Bravely she faces the harlots and whores who would destroy her husband so that she can have access to the Big House. Soon she meets a Senator Moynahan who is confused why she would come visiting him in New York when she so clearly has her roots, like her hair color, in Chicago. She eventually parlays a presidential loss into a secretary of stateship, graduating into the highest levels of politics. Age eventually takes its toll but not before her political triumphs in Syria, Lybia, Africa, Russia, China, and Westchester New York where she buys her third house declaring 'as God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again' .

  • MMMM - doesn't slow the flow of water at all in my ...

    doesn't slow the flow of water at all in my drain and catches all the hair. also the easiest to clean hair catcher i've had in my life! it's worth the extra money as compared to other similar products!!

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