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  • Montayj - Socially Responsible and Can Flow

    J. Cole is officially the first new rap artist that I have ever bought. After I saw what he did with the shelter for women I was like I can spend my money with him even if I don't listen to the album because I know it's not being wasted. An artist that cares about his social responsibility and not just hi-capping. BTW, the album is nice.

  • Anuld - Food repellant

    Bought this product as I was going overseas and had a fear of toads, so does my sister. Not only did it keep the toads away but also the snakes which seemed to be on the rise this summer. Amazing product.

  • Madman - Great Toy

    Got this for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas. She LOVES it but the best part is that Leap Frog has completely redone the application distribution process. It now works off of Leap Frog's app store !!! You don't have to keep up with all of the cartridges !!! Applications work great, device has put up with a 4 year old for a year with no issues. We got the energizer rechargable batteries and they seem to last for ever. Getting a Leap Pad II for the 7 year old this Christmas. She has worn out a leapster so time to upgrade her to the Leap Pad.

  • carol - Great product

    If you like a high gloss floor you will love this product. I clean for a living and 3 years ago the floor wax I used for over 10 years was discontinued I have been searching for a wet look floor product ever since, was very pleased to find this product, works great. Would recommend to any one looking for a high gloss floor product and is easy to apply. Have not however had to remove the product hope that will go as easy.

  • Joel C. Campbell - It was good money, but all of the diseases I contracted ...

    I used to be a male prostitute, making on average ~$53 a week. It was good money, but all of the diseases I contracted through my career were starting to get me down. I knew I needed a change.

  • arlene - Gift or grandson

    He loves it! For the hunting person this is a must have! They will thank-you for the gift believe me.

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