Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix | Primary Care, Medication Monitoring, Pharmacy, Dental, and Behavioral Health | Phoenix, AZ - Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix offers primary care, medication monitoring, pharmacy, dental and lab in order to truly intregrate traditional medical care with behavioral health.

  • Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix | Integrated Medical Care - Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix members can receive health services, diet and exercise programs, recovery services, nutrition education, tobacco cessation and stress management, health management and disease education.
  • Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix | Eligibility & Orientation - Eligible members will work with a team that includes: physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, peer navigators, pharmacists, nutritionists, substance abuse counselors and therapists to achieve their goals.
  • Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix | Getting Started - Each Member Should Expect To: Meet with physicians, a physical fitness trainer, a nutritionist, create an individualized wellness plan focusing on realistic healthy routines and enroll in specialized classes designed to teach healthy cooking, diet and exercise, stress and disease management.
  • Assurance Health and Wellness Center Phoenix | Person Centered Planning - Person Centered Planning will help members reach their goals, increase independence, and achieve self-management of their health and wellbeing.

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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

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