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  • Purchase Human Cells for Research | Astarte Biologics - HLA-typed, well-characterized human and animal cells for research. Browse our extensive list of high-quality products. Order online or submit a custom request.
  • Purchase CMV Antigens | Astarte Biologics - Recall antigens for investigation of the immune response and peptides for our antigen specific T cells. CMV, tetanus and M1 peptide antigens available.
  • Lipopolysaccharides LPS | Astarte Biologics - Highly purified with known structure and bioactivity Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from different bacteria. Browse our products. Order online or call 866-513-1894.
  • Buy Serum and Plasma Samples | Astarte Biologics - Serum and plasma samples from normal controls and patients with autoimmune diseases in stock. Browse our wide variety of donors. 866-513-1894
  • Buy Cell Pellets and Lysates | Astarte Biologics - Our cells are isolated within a few hours of collection, centrifuged and snap frozen on liquid nitrogen. Lysates are prepared with Western blotting in mind.
  • Buy Rheumera Kits, Proteoglycan Kits | Astarte Biologics - Kits for measuring collagen antibodies and proteoglycan. Easily measure cartilage synthesis and monitor collagen induced arthritis. Browse our products.
  • Immune Cell Search by Donor | Astarte Biologics - Looking for cells from donors with specific characteristics? Astarte has a wide range of blood donors who participate in our IRB-approved collection protocols. 
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  • Contract Laboratory and Assay Services | Astarte Biologics - We have over a half century of experience researching and writing about immune cells. Instantly expand your capacity beyond your current in-house resources.
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    This review applies specifically to tile floors. The star is for the pros: the machine is lightweight and bagless. There are a few annoying little features: the hose and attachment tools are awkward to use, and the capacity for the dust cup (according to instructions) is only about 2 cups. But, be warned friends, the Shark has a fatal flaw in its design. Get this. The motor exhaust exits at the front of the machine ~4 inches above the floor. This essentially makes your vacuum cleaner a mini leaf blower to dust and pet hair on tile.

  • Paula C. - I think it is working

    I am updating my review. Apparently retinol is only dangerous when you use it then go in the sun. I use it at night.

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