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    This is very good for preventing urinary tract infections in senior ladies. But I realize that it's not a medicine for curing such infections.

  • Colleen - a little expensive for what it's used for.....

    This item is okay but a little expensive. Just a thought: if I only plan on filling this with women, shouldn't I only have to pay 75 cents to the dollar? In today's economy, who needs the extra expense?

  • Gmom - Perfection

    I received this in an IPSY bag, fell in love with it. I always hated having to buy new blush, this was perfect color, went on absolute new favorite!

  • ms V - generally underwhelming

    Once I FINALLY got the product to work, I was generally underwhelmed by the overall product - sound is OK but not great. The earbuds do not remain stable on your ears with any real movement - wire pulls them out of place, the location of the buttons is awkward and documentation is terrible!!!!

  • newtothegame2012 - A must have for USMLE Step 1 preparation

    This book is a foundation of Step 1 preparation. Its a must buy in my opinion. The book is filled with high yield info, charts, mnemonics, and pictures. The 2012 edition was the first edition to go color but this one seems like a much better because most of the glaring errors have been fixed. A few tips: use this book throughout the school year as you go through your courses and take notes on it. This will help when review time comes. I also took my book to Staples and got it spiral bound, it makes reading and annotating much easier. Good luck everyone.

  • CDO78 - Disappointing Attempt at Political Punditry

    Used to be a long time reader of Mike and his blog; this book lacked any real evidence as to why Trump and his policies are and actually will be effective if he were to win the 2016. This book completely ignores the discussion of policy and instead focuses on "mindset" techniques that have been rehashed from Gorilla Mindset and his previous blog postings. If Donald Trump loses, this entire book and Mike will lose credibility, proving that Mike has become nothing more than a sheep for the alt-right movement / manosphere. It seems that Mike is desperate to pump out low quality material at an alarmingly fast pace, maybe that alimony from his ex-wife is finally running out?

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