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  • D.D.M. - US Casinos, the Games, and coupons

    Excellent listing of US Casinos (commercial and tribal) in this book. This is the seventh year I've bought this book and I'm always happy to use it as a reference guide when planning my trips, learning the games and a few tips.

  • Jon Griffith - Great replacement part

    Great replacement part. I had a problem getting them squeezed in. It seemed the springs were more sprung than the ones I took out. But I managed. Even so, I would buy them again.

  • Nettie - What is really going on?

    While the actual lessons are very good, the instructions and quizzes are NOT GOOD AT ALL! Sorry, but there are not enough details in the instructions and the quizzes have too many errors and there should be hands on. I've only gone through the first of the three quizzes, and of course there should be questions that require an explanation, however, not every single question! Where are the hands-on? Also, if you don't have Internet or your Internet is slow, DO NOT buy this. I think maybe the other two reviews were written by people who knows Kirt Kershaw, which by the way, good try Kirt. but it would have been a great idea to test this on several people and get their honest opinions before you put this on the market. This has been more frustrating than anything. Oftentimes the lessons and quizzes will not open.Keep trying! I continue to use it (when it acts right) because I spent my money on it. It isn't worth the price. I decided to create my on quizzes from the lessons. Some will require explanations and most will require hands-on!

  • SWagner - So much bang for the buck.

    Please don't mock this wonderful product! It is a cheap and powerful laxative. Anything close to this product either needs a prescription, is marked illegal or can only be found in military labs. Watch the doseage, 1 bear does the trick, 2 if you ate half a cow.

  • Eduardo Fonseca - I, for one, welcome our robot overlords

    I fell in love with my Roomba. I have a Golden Retriever always inside the house and the little robot keeps everything pristine and clean.

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