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  • Matt - Doesn't do much but doesn't hurt

    Alright, this is going to be a little long but I have been using minoxidil 5% as directed for a year now and since they say the best results won't be seen until about a year, I'm finally ready to write a review. First a little background on me...I'm 25 now and was around 18 when I noticed my hair falling out. However, I started out with pretty thick hair so I didn't notice it becoming visibly thinner until I was 21. Hair loss runs in my family and is worse on my dad's side. He and both his brother's have pattern 5 class 7 balding on the Norwood scale. For anyone who isn't familiar with the Norwood scale, that is the worst possible balding. The entire top is hairless and you just have hair on the sides and back of your head. So after watching my hair become thinner and thinner for three years, I started using minoxidil when I was 24. At first I didn't like the oiliness that it gave my hair. Like a lot of people have said, it takes a long time to dry (probably about an hour). However, after a few months I started to like the texture of my hair better after the minox had dried than if I just let my hair dry without putting anything in it. And to avoid that hour period where it looks really oily I started using a blow dryer, holding it pretty far from my head just for a few seconds to get it almost dry. The first couple months of using it, it kind of made my head itch sometimes but that never happens anymore and it wasn't as bad for me as it apparently is for some people. Another problem I had with it was what I first thought was dandruff but later realized was just the dried minoxidil flaking off my scalp. This can be avoided to some degree by washing your hair everyday but I still get little flakes sometimes. So after two or three weeks I thought I was entering the shedding phase. It never really stopped though and I'm not sure if I was shedding more than I was before I started using it. My bathroom sink still constantly has hair in and around it. After a month or so of using it I started getting peach fuzz in the front corners and to this day it is still peach fuzz - short, clear and not visible from more than a few inches away. As for my hair everywhere else, I'd say it's about the same as when I started using it - maybe a little thinner but maybe a little less thin than it would have been if I hadn't been using this stuff. In conclusion, I'm going to keep using this stuff because I don't think it hurts and it makes me feel like I'm doing something to fight my MPB. I've tried Saw Palmetto supplement, Nioxin and Revivogen shampoo and, as with the minox, I'm not sure if they make any difference. But kirkland minoxidil is super cheap so even though I haven't seen obvious hair regrowth or less shedding, I'm going to keep using it.

  • Reviewdini - Smelly, read for detail.

    Personally, I hate this. But I'm biased. I hate scents. However... we purchased this because we decided to make our own baby wipes and solution. This was great for that. A little oil helps treat the bottom and keep it soft and smooth, and while this stuff smells very strongly, you aren't using more than 2 drops in the whole solution, so it dilutes and doesn't smell as bad.

  • Ryan & Alicia W. - nice!

    I receibed this eye cream a few weeks ago in the mail. The eye cream was nicely packaged and sealed and avoided any damage or tampering during its shipment. The eye cream also arrived quickly thanks to amazon prime and the speedy processing of the seller. I personally have used quite a few different eye creams. I would say this is one of the top ones that i like. For starters i really like the type of dispenser it is in. I feel that i waste less product with this type of dispenser since it allows me to be a bit more in control of what comes out by how hard i press it. The eye cream goes on smoothly to your skin and it is nice that it soaks into your skin quickly. I noticed that under my eyes were in fact a bit less puffy after using the product for a few days and now after a few weeks it seems as though the dark circles have gotten lighter. As with any eye cream it can take months of use to see the true results so i am excited to see what happens. So far i really like the eye cream and will continue using it.I received this baebody eye cream for free or for a discounted price in exchange for my personal review and opinion. I personally rely very heavily on others reviews when I am looking at products online in order to help others gain more information on products based on a personal experience. Just because I may have gotten the product for free or a discounted price does not alter the review that I give. I give a 100 percent honest review and will call out any flaws or bad products that I come across. . If you have any questions pertaining to my experience with the product please feel free to ask questions and I will answer them as quickly and the best I can according to the experience I had with the product. If you found my review helpful please click the helpful review button located below

  • Cynthia Kadel Zorfas - ANOTHER 5 STAR PLANNER

    THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I will be using it to plan our upcoming trip to Iberia. Having used his books before, I knew what to expect and will hopefully find it as useful when I am there, as I am now, as I plan the trip.....

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