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  • j's review - I've used this product for approx. Fifteen years - LOVE IT!

    My cystic acne covered my jaw line several times a month - it was painful - ugly - and embarrassing. Around my T zone my acne was so prominent at times that I couldn't make eye contact with people - it was a very depressing time for me. I had an occasional pimple in my teens - but at age 30 I was living what other teens endured throughout their teenage years.

  • Lilia8704 - Great

    After 7 months of giving birth I still want to keep taking my prenatal vitamins to support my body while breastfeeding. I been taking this pills for over two weeks and I like them a lot. With most prenatal pills I usually got nauseated but I haven't felt that with this pills however maybe it helps that I take them at night before bed time. They are easy to swallow And I don't notice an after taste.

  • david castle - studio is more to my liking

    my wife thought the sudio version was the live version because of the concert footage in the youtube video. that is a great verstion, this is not bad just not my cup of tea.

  • MATY - Excellent!

    There are few young adults books that really keep my attention until the end mostly because I'm not that young but this one is a great vampire novel, I read it a few hours, the story is well developed and the descriptions aren't too long or boring, I can't wait for the second book. If you like this genre then you must read it!

  • SistaBNYC - Finally figured out how to use this stuff!

    I have natural kinky curly hair (3c/4a) and tried this product years ago but didn't like it because it dried incredibly hard and crunchy. After much experimentation, I found that the key to using KCCC without crunch is to make sure hair is clean and conditioned, section it off and apply products in this order - Knot Today, Coconut oil (or your favorite), then KC Curling Custard - sparingly. That's it. The addition of the oil seems to have eliminated the hardness and added shine.

  • GuyNextDoor - Awesome formula!

    We first tried breastfeeding our newborn for 3 weeks but due to unexpected condition we could no longer breastfeed. We started using this formula and so far it's been working great. This one has more Vitamin D than the Infant version, which I believe is essential to the newborns. It's relatively new so you won't find that many reviews on this product, but it's been working well with our baby.

  • UserPersonGuy - Fantastic Machine, except for crazy Fan Noise on i3 version

    I have the i3 version. The computer in general is fantastic. The trackpad is pretty cheap and takes breaking in, but I guess you get used to it.

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