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  • Amazon Customer - Loved it until I had to re-charge it & never was the same

    I loved this case for the first couple of weeks, but when I went to recharge it it was never as bright as it initially was. I tried charging it for longer and making sure I clicked the button to the highest brightness, but I think it was a manufacturer;s issue. Unfortunately it did not workout for me, but it was great at first

  • Kenny D. - A must have

    This a J. Coles best album to date. Conceptually very clear, message and topic management or content is tremendous. He also has grown so much lyrically and is definitely in the conversation of best Mcees out today.

  • Livewire - Great Toy

    Never experienced anything quite like it. Can't put it down. In fact I have quit my job to allow me to play with this toy full-time. Now that I have purchased this toy, my job has become superfluous. It is now apparent that the only reason I (or anyone) had a job was to purchase this toy.

  • whipn u - Every 3 year forced upgrade to same worthless product.

    1st it did not work out of box and had to spend 5 hours on phone with QB and then purchase second download version install it then go through a refund process that took over two weeks.....Terrible new version miniscule improvements, things that should have changed did not. Infuriating that at the screen at end of printing paychecks there is a link in the question "do you want to pay payroll liabilities", that you would expect to open a liabilities check screen with liabilities for the period would be there to check a box and print. But no it is just a link to the help page on how to open another screen and prepare the liabilities.... After all these years, why doesn't it make child support checks with each employee listed with there individual account numbers and how much? Why doesn't the workers comp compute\work with WA state still this is years in complaining there too. Now they want to sell you apps to work with the software, why are we buying their software if they do not make an attempt to work with us and listen to our needs?

  • Lucretia - Fabulous "Slice of Heaven"

    Casi Cielo is by far my favorite Starbucks coffee. It is from Guatemala, a seasonal coffee, and it is rich and flavorful in a very "heavenly" way :)

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