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behaviour to neurochemistry | b-neuro - Behaviour to neurochemistry (b-neuro), a UK-based contract research company specialising in cognitive testing to identify targets and validate novel compounds.

  • http://b-neuro.com/services.php services | b-neuro - b-neuro scientific services, proven preclinical testing of clients' compounds.
  • http://b-neuro.com/about-us.php about us | b-neuro - A university-based organisation, b-neuro has a wealth of expertise and experience on which to draw.
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  • music_is_math101 - My only real complaint is that getting the grounds out of the plastic container can get pretty messy if you aren't really carefu

    It lets you adjust the coarseness and the amount, and the results are consistent. My only real complaint is that getting the grounds out of the plastic container can get pretty messy if you aren't really careful. You may want to consider grinding a fair amount at once and putting all of it into another container to reduce the amount of wasted grounds.

  • Nolan - Love, Love my Furbo!

    I have 2 pups, the 10-year-old was with me and the 5-year-old was in the hospital when I got my Furbo. Both of my pups have the separation anxiety. I didn’t know they barked a lot when I was at work until my neighbours told me recently. Not only that, this time my 5-year-old was coughing blood when I wasn’t home and I had no idea about it. So I bought Furbo! I saw it on Facebook and bought it from Indiegogo. It got a nice camera with night vision so I can check on them whenever I want to. I can talk to them and shoot a treat or 2 to cheer them up from work too. I love my Furbo, it resolves my issues, easy to use, and look nice in my place too. My pups are getting better now with the anxiety issue. I would definitely recommend Furbo to my f & f!

  • Leigha - It's good

    I have lower back pain. I don't typically use muscle rubs or pain creams because they usually stink like crazy, or burn, and they're not generally something you want to put on and go about your day. Live relief has only a slight herbal scent to it, that is undetectable once it's quickly absorbed into the skin. There is a very slight, gentle, warming sensation that I wished was a bit stronger. It absorbed well into my skin with no sticky or greasy feeling, and left no stain on my clothes. It only lasted a few hours for me, but it did work for my mild lower back pain. It gave me enough time to enjoy my day without feeling like I stunk like muscle rub.

  • Never on Monday - I Like It

    I had an older version. But since I am running Windows 8 now, I needed to get a new Hallmark card maker. It I'd very good. Some minor annoyances , but nothing major. Overall I am satisfied with this card creator program.

  • Robert B. Hess - They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they ...

    I bought this set in 2007. They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they are still going strong. The non-stick isn't as non-stick as it was at first but still doing pretty well. Yeah, you have to scrub the rivets as food sticks to them but my dish brush gets it off pretty easy. I'm not a freak about the appearance on the outside so it's not a big deal to me but performance is. They are heavy for aluminum pans which is what you want. They all do well but I really love the 12", it's a workhorse. When I first used it the difference between it and the cheap pans I had used before was huge. It holds the heat and can sear pretty well. The set as whole is still pretty sturdy, no looseness or problems with the pans or pots with their construction.

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