Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen | Alcoholism addiction treatment - Welcome to  Baclofen USA. We are a group of people who have experienced the agony of alcoholism, either personally or in our families and have found treatment through the use of high doses of baclofen.  We have set up this organization and this site to advocate on behalf of those using baclofen for alcoholism and…

  • About | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - I have been involved in alcoholism on a number of levels for many years.  As a practicing lawyer for over 30 years, I have been a first hand witness to the damage to health, destruction of family and cost which alcoholism causes.  I have also come to realize how difficult an issue it is for…
  • A Plan of Action for Baclofen treatment | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Are you a sufferer, or do you care for someone suffering from alcoholism or addiction? The whole of this site has been prepared to make it as easy as possible for anyone new to Baclofen to find out as much information as easily as possible. The purpose of this page is to provide you with…
  • The future of Baclofen treatment for alcoholism | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Baclofen - the future So, what of the future? There is not the slightest doubt that, through Dr Ameisen's brave report of his own self-medication with Baclofen, the future for many sufferers of alcoholism and other addictions looks better than it has ever done. As detailed on this web site, there is now an ever-growing…
  • Brain Imaging | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - This video shows the remarkable effects of baclofen to quiet down the anxiety which underlies addiction.
  • RESAB: Doctors’ Prescribing Site | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - A site has been set up on the internet for doctors and medical professionals wishing to further their understanding of Baclofen in the treatment of alcohol. It is operated by doctors in Paris who have been involved in the trial of baclofen which has resulted in the RTU (Recommendation for Temporary Use) being granted by…
  • Users’ Support Chat Forum | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Please leave any comments you have about baclofen treatment and alcoholism in general.
  • New Paper on Criminal and Family Law Aspects of HDB Alcohol Treatment | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Medico-legal Aspects of the Advent of High dose Baclofen Treatment of Alcoholism in Criminal and Family Law Cases
  • BACLAD | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Two articles about baclofen trial results
  • New studies into baclofen in the US | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - Here is a list of new studies into baclofen funded listed on the NIH site: #1: Recruiting Baclofen for Treating Anxiety and Alcoholism Conditions: Alcoholism; Alcohol Dependence; Alcohol Drinking Related Problems; Alcohol Drinking; Anxiety Disorder Interventions: Drug: Baclofen; Other: Placebo Background: Baclofen is a drug used to control muscle stiffness in people with neurological diseases.…
  • Baclofen for codeine addiction: A Testimonial | Baclofen USA - In memory of Dr. Olivier Ameisen - I am grateful to Pascal Gramme for sharing his experience in freeing himself from opiate addiction using baclofen. Prescription painkiller addiction is now at epidemic levels in the US. Below is Pascal's testimonial: My name is Pascal Gramme and I live in Belgium. I was addicted to opiates, benzodiazepines, and antidepressants. It all started one…

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  • S. Smith - Intuit and Quickbooks - LAME

    I was a reseller of accounting software for years. Quickbooks purportedly is an accounting package, payroll is a function of accounting, and tax tables are essential in payroll functioning properly. I have to pay $400 for tax tables updates? Exactly how often does the IRS update these? Yearly? This is a scare tactic that supports Intuits greed run. I was a customer and you have likely lost me. The upsells and greed have gone over the top, and it's clear that this is the majorities opinion now.


    This stuff really is a 10. I normally don't splurge on hair care products for myself, but when my sister in law gave me hers to sample, I fell in love with it. It makes my hair silky, smoothed out any frizz, and tangles are a thing of the past.

  • B Franklin - Great as a computer monitor

    Great computer monitor, very little calibration actually needed out of the box. Works great for large spreadsheet applications but also plays games just fine. Played Witcher 3 4k, Dirty Bomb 4k and custom ultrawide resolution, Doom 3, etc... All ran great using an overclocked 980 TI. Basically no input lag and very little motion blur. Did have some bad looking clipping on occassion when vsync was off during 1st person shooters but nothing I can't forgive.

  • Patsy Layer - Oro Gold Anti-Aging Eye Cream

    This Oro-GOld product along with all Oro-GOld products that I have tried is nice but there is a very small amount of product for the price. To me it is good but just not worth the price for what you get. I have purchased many expensive cosmetics but this one has the least product for the price.

  • phyllis - Biggest waste of money EVER

    Every time I look at my knives (which have rusted and broken, repeatedly), it makes me angry. Wish I'd never spent the money on these stupid knives. I was told that they'd last a lifetime and something my children could use - ha! I'll throw them out long before that day ever comes. DO NOT BUY CUTCO KNIVES!

  • Phoenix - Scam

    I tried this particular product and a couple others from the same company for about 3 months and didn't lose any weight at all. The caffeine in one of the products made my heart race and I ended up in the ER. I have Mitral Valve Prolaspe and my doctor admonished me for taking this. I later learned ( after I stopped taking it ) that this is just a multilevel marketing scam like a pyramid scheme. Snake oil.

  • Sandra McKenzie - Nice addition to my library

    Nice book. Easy read. Happy I purchased it. I definitely will look into more of this authors books. Simple spells.

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