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  • Nikki Trost - Good for most things, did not excel at seeds in smoothies

    It blends stuff. I guess thats ok. I just got rid of this and bought a blendtec instead today. I am sick of chewing my kale and having raspberry and chia seeds stuck in my teeth. Making nut butter in this does not seem possible. Its way better than a cheap blender, thats for sure. I just prefer to have a high quality smoothie in 30 seconds, I'm so needy I know. If you don't use tough ingredients this will be fine. I personally have had to chew any smoothie with thicker ingredients. Citrus fibers, seeds, kale, broccoli, EVEN BLUEBERRY SKINS, get stuck on the blades and don't get processed all the way or just end up untouched in the final product despite long blending. It will make bangin margaritas though. Cheap blenders are $20, and can't compare with this. Top notch blenders are $300-500, and also can't compare with this.

  • Giulia - Meh, not the best eye cream - there are definitely better ones out there..

    After trying the Skederm Neck Firming Moisturizer I was really excited to try another product from their line. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with this eye cream. For starters, it looked like this cream had been previously opened and possibly already used when I received it. Also, unlike the neck cream, I found that this eye cream is a lot more greasy and leaves a bit of a film around my eyes after application. It didn't soak in like the neck cream did, instead I felt like it was just sitting on top of my skin not absorbing at all. I'm in my twenties so I'm not sure if I need to be using this cream yet, which is probably why I didn't see any results after using it. Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend this cream to anyone who doesn't have major problems with the skin around their eyes. If you think it will work for you then definitely give it a try, but it didn't do anything for me except leave an oily residue around my eyes that I ended up having to wipe off.

  • JJ_K - Gross

    Wait is this book supposed to be a terribly written rom com with a dash of drama and intrigue? I can't even comment on the thriller/aspect because my mind was dulled by the inane, sexist portrayals of the main characters. This is a book where lines like "even a lesbian would react to the raw tesetosterone that pumped into the air around him" live. It was distractingly, embarassingly and overwhelmingly patronizing. I mean, this soppy book is essentially a pissing contest where every macho male character is tripping himself to protect and rescue the poor little lady who no one can believe is a doctor because SHE IS JUST SO SMALL!! wait what? Is that a thing?? For effs sake, multiple men (as if one wasn't enough), literally lean over and kiss this distinguished doctor on the forehead like she is a child who just tripped over her braids and scraped her knee. Can Dr. Campbell please go apprentice with Lizzy Gardner please, thanks.

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