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  • Celia K Bass - Inspirational story

    I follow the TV show and find the Gaines family wholesome and fascinating.Their story is truthful and faith-based.I get ideas about many things from them and wish we could be friends.I share information with church-friends and others.Their experiences are welcome and are stress-relievers.

  • Julie - Well it has been 4 days now and they are happy and no one has been lost since I got ...

    I tried this for the first time .. I had been using TOP ammonia decreaser with no luck, the leaves got higher and higher .. So someone told me to try this . Decided to try this, put 1 cap full for my 50 gallon tank. I came back in a hour to test and see if they had gone down. I freaked out when I saw now they where off the chart .. Went and looked to see if they where still breathing hard and to my surprise they where now eating and swimming not sitting on the floor stressing out. Well it has been 4 days now and they are happy and no one has been lost since I got this . Your test kit will not work on this . But trust me it works better then you could imagine .. This was bought for saltwater fish ... God This is the bomb only do one cap full a day for a 50 gallon tank .. It makes all the bad stuff that kills fish in QT, back to good leaves . you wont be sorry if you get this stuff..

  • Betty - Highly recommended!

    I found this product while doing a search for something else. My dog's teeth weren't that bad to begin with, but after having a dog who lost some of his teeth because of gingivitis, I decided to give this product a try in order to prevent the same from happening to my current dog. Like I said, his teeth weren't too bad, but two of his longer canines were starting to get tarter buildup. After using this product for a month, the tartar buildup is almost completely gone! This product works really well and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to help keep their pets' teeth and gums healthy.

  • nz016 - Extremely Unhelpful

    Sadly this study guide did not meet expectations. It was extremely hard to follow and does not offer appropriate explanations in each section. I ended up using more free online resources than anything else, which was very frustrating considering the money spent on this guide. My reccomenadation would be not to purchase this one. Instead, go with the study guide package offered by TEAS when you sign up for the exam.

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