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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Victor Reinoso - Nice

    I will not go to criticisms about the game, I will limit myself to saying that the product arrived sooner than expected and very packed to protect my purchase

  • Cheryl A. - Help for the dirtiest family in the world!

    I think I read every review on Amazon and WalMart before I bought this sucker yesterday! The problem with most bagless vacs seems to be that the dust filters clog up quickly and greatly reduce the suction force available. Further, I priced those filters at WalMart yesterday and the range seems to be $8-$18- surely I will save enough over the lifetime of this vacuum to compensate.

  • Francisco L. - Great product did it job in cold trip to Europe

    Great product did it job in cold trip to Europe. Walk about 5 mile a day no problems. Only issue feet were wet from sweat at end of night but warm

  • Heather - Still The Gold Standard

    I used WillMaker five years ago and was satisfied with it. But by now I've been through a divorce and had two two kids with my new spouse. Clearly I needed a new will. And you know what I found that the 2010 version of Willmaker is even better designed than the old one. Not to mention the fact that Nolo does a superb job with the help. I did the whole job in 20 minutes and still can't believe that I put it off for two years. I've been a long time Nolo fan and the new WillMaker just confirms that they haven't lost their mojo.

  • Maleficent - Good stuff

    I got this from the moov website during the promo period. About the best health wearable I have owned so far. I wish it had a heart rate monitor but that wouldn't remove any marks from it. It's able to make me run with the right poster, cadence, and when to rest.The sleep tracking is also quite good. I have not had the syncing and dropping problems others have experienced but will update as I continue to use the device. So far, it's been a thrill.

  • Stan Higby - It is pretty good

    The one feature I could not find was the feature where you highlight a street and the name and address of the owners comes up. The text is so tiny a good pair of glasses is needed to see the text. Other than that, it is pretty good.

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