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  • Michael Sholders - Emigrants Find Wicked and Humane People in New York City

    Two young women from Ireland had differing tales that eventually caused them to emigrate from Ireland, but they were woven together with poverty and calamity in their native land. Victoria was one of the young women, and her story was repulsive to say the least. Her father, a poor Irish man living on a land baron’s estate was conscripted during the potato famine to identify his peers, friends and neighbors to the persons who eventually evicted them due to non-payment of rent. This was horrifying; nobody could afford to pay, yet the miserly baron had them removed as Victoria’s father watched. Nasty business. Her father was eventually murdered, and she was an outcast. Off she went to America to escape and be re-invented. This is the story of how these two women met on the Atlantic crossing, became good friends, got robbed, beaten and taken advantage of in their new environs, New York City. They became seamstresses working almost as slaves until they decided to go into business for themselves. They succeed, but not without major trials. A Jewish merchant who manufactured materials gave them encouragement, credit, and any other help he could to help them due to their industriousness and honesty. The tale winds around some scoundrels that continue to try to undermine this new business owner, and the lines are drawn between good and evil people in New York. An engaging story that has many historical truths in it; it describes what courage and integrity is all about both the positive side of the ledger as well as the negative side of the human ledger.

  • jennifer67 - A Nutritional Classic

    As a retired physician, I'd like to congratulate the authors on doing an excellent job creating what will almost certainly become a nutritional classic for beautifully demystifying the concept of fasting for health. Kudos also to the publisher for producing a medical text that is unusually well designed and a pleasure to own and read.

  • Zack L. Dean - Installed software will not let me print final form

    I have been using Tax Cut for years because it was always pretty much straight forward. When the return was finished all I had to do was click the print button and it would print. This time it would print my return no mater what I did; so I had to go back and resort to pen and paper. I will not buy this product again.

  • NWGirl - Brilliant idea! We took these on our trip to ...

    Brilliant idea! We took these on our trip to Seaworld and our phones were completely secure even when we got completely hosed multiple times. They had plenty of room for the iPhone 6, plus a couple of credit cards and ID; we just hooked lanyards to them and wore them around our necks while we roamed. I'm sure we looked like total touristy nerds, but these were super handy; everything right with us in one easily accessible waterproof pouch. I don't know if I would trust it totally underwater, but just because I'm paranoid; the test tissue we soaked overnight in water (totally submerged) was completely fine the next day so it would probably ok. It specifically says to not use it with an Otterbox, so I took my phone out of the case completely. Voice texting and the camera worked just fine with the case on, but the phone was a little muffled (I would have been surprised if it weren't). I highly recommend this product!

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