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  • Claire Lopez - Nice Deal!

    I ordered this product on Oct 16, and received it Nov 26. I didn't really mind that it took so long, I was just very anxious to see what it would look like. When I opened the box and took it out I liked what I saw except that the picture that they show on here is not what I got. This is the model that I got, (8" Car DVD Player GPS Navigation System For TOYOTA CAMRY 2007-2011), but with the camera. I didn't install it myself, I had it pro installed because being a girl I have no clue how cars function!! They installed everything perfectly. GPS works great, and its up to date, too! The Back Camera is too big for my taste, you can see it on the license plate, I wish they could have done it just a little smaller, but when put in Reverse, it changes right to the camera! I put on a CD which is the DVD, but haven't played a movie. I personally think the sound sounds a little better that it did. I have a 2009 camry, and the original stereo had some blue lights that would light up when the car started, that part on this product doesn't light up.

  • Jay H. - Great for Beginners to Intermediates

    This is a great book for beginners. It is very readable and has an excellent index. It should get you up-to-speed enough to propel you to the intermediate level. This 700+ page book has lots of useful tips and shared experience. However, if you find yourself left wanting by Access' wizards and macros that don't quite do the job, you will likely find this book to be too light, when it comes to VBA coding. That being said, I found it still well worth the money--every piece of software should come with a manual this good!

  • Basault - I like it a lot

    I have sewn several different types of fabric, from very light nylon sleeping bag material to multiple layers of heavy cotton with no problems. No problems changing stitch pattern or length if you follow the directions. Have only done mending type jobs so far-- no real heavy or constant use-- so don't know how it will stand up over time. So far, I like it a lot.

  • ANDREA1969 - I Spy With My Eye....

    This "PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam Dual Camera 1080P Dual camera Front Camera 158°Back Camera 120°Wide Angle Super Night Vision Mode HD Video 1920*1080 DVR" takes great footage. Once you set up this dash cam it will automatically turn on and off (almost instantly) with your car so you don’t even have to think about it. The cable is VERY long and can be tucked into the gap around your windshield to not obstruct your view. The camera continually takes 5-10-15 minute video segments and overwrites the oldest segments when the SD card runs out of space. If the camera senses an impact it will lock that video segment and put it into a separate folder in the SD card where it will not be overwritten. You can also press the lock button on the camera to manually lock a segment from being overwritten.

  • Zagmanchu - Didn't work on our table

    I guess this isn't the product's fault, but we bought it and discovered it wouldn't work with the "large" lip around the base of our table and the table chair arms just wouldn't retract far enough to get it over that lip. I'm going to do a bit more research and see if there is one out there that will fit our table. I love the idea, but maybe I didn't read enough before buying it. From the picture, it seemed like it would pull down far enough, but it doesn't.

  • Denise Lloyd - Good service

    Every purchase that I make with Amazon has been on time. I have no complaints about the product.The HDTV Antenna works very well. Since cable is so expensive, I now have over 58 channels that I can choose from. My TV is extra clear.

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