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  • Sarita - but I DO have good concealer. I received this product at a discount ...

    Feels light on my undereyes and is very sensitive. I am able to wear it under my makeup and concealer with no issues. It seems to help, but I DO have good concealer.

  • doogie1 - It's nice that Kodi 14

    It's nice that Kodi 14.0 comes installed and surprisingly, the box comes "pre-rooted". I also have an Amazon FireTV running Kodi so, I had something to compare it with To be honest, I didn't see a significant increase in performance over the FireTV. The remote is pretty bad, not going to even sugar coat that. In comparison to the FireTV's. Something else that was disappointing was.. Logitech Harmony didn't recognize the Manufacturer, I even tried to manually add the remote functions but, never worked right. Using a Logitech touchpad keyboard helped some but not by much. It's a nice box, does what it says and the price is fair but.. It wasn't enough to replace my FireTV. FireTV is so smooth and the remote makes the difference, my logitech touchpad also works as it should with it. I'll definitely be interested to see what Element does with the next box.

  • Angel - GARBAGE

    I did every thing they told me to do, in that order and i have not seen any differance. I even cut back. Please Please ladies i would not lie, dont waste ur money.

  • Amazon Customer - So I have fine 3a, 3b

    So I have fine 3a, 3b, and a few 3c curls. I probably even have a some 2's mixed in because my hair just likes to be different. I have tried several gels and jellys and keep coming back to the kinky curly curling custard. When I first tried it I hated it. But there is a particular way to use it and everyone's hair is different. I have to make sure I have good moisture in first and a good conditioner (ie leave in) then apply to very wet hair! If I let it dry to much, it looks bad. Then I let it completely dry. Either air or defuse. It does get very hard and once it is dry I just scrunch it and I'm good for the day! Or 2 days and sometimes 3!

  • Darren Fleischer - A Quick Review

    First off, I need to preface this review by saying that Haribo Sugar Free Gummies are delicious, and that many of the Haribo products remain a dear childhood memory. For that reason alone I have not reached out to the Better Business Bureau. My psychiatrist told me from now on to stay positive, lest I have another horrible flashback of the events that occurred two months ago. That being said, this product both saved my life, as well as put it in unnecessary jeopardy.

  • Joan A. Damico - great book and program, but...

    I don't advise buying it in Kindle format. I've just reordered it in hardcover since it's difficult to go back and forth with the Kindle,

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